In this Issue — Sept-Oct, 2017

Cover Art

issue cover The Rescue of Baby Moses - Artist: Amram Ebgi (Israel, Contemporary)

Printmaker Amram Ebgi is known for symbolically rich creations based in his Jewish heritage. The cover art for this issue is a wonderful example. The wealth surrounding the Nile is in full array: beautifully constructed buildings, lush growth along the river, an active fleet in the background, a sky teeming with fowl ready to provide meat to a population that included Hebrew slaves. Into this abundance floats a baby, the son of a Hebrew woman. He is received and welcomed by Pharaoh’s daughter. The Bible tells us that she claimed him as her own son —naming him Moses, meaning “I ...

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From the Editor

Building Together

Among the programs offered by Upper Room Ministries is The Walk to Emmaus, an experience of Christian spiritual renewal and formation that seeks to develop servant-leadership and encourages participants to live discipleship in community. (For more information, visit In September 2016, the first Asian Emmaus Ministries Leadership Development Event was held in Seoul, South Korea. It brought together Emmaus community leaders from Russia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea to create spaces in which participants could both experience God’s grace and continue to grow in it. As part of the event, our team also led ...

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Prayer Workshop

Unexpected Encounters

In fall 2016, I was asked to write and deliver the eulogy of a friend. As I reflected on my friend’s life and the part of it that intersected my own, it occurred to me how full my life is with people I would never have expected to encounter and how many relationships I have forged with unlikely characters. These relationships have meant much to me, have changed me as a person, and have influenced the direction of my life. The circumstances and backgrounds of my friend and me were completely opposite. He was in his late eighties; I am ...

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