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Daily Devotional

Source of Life

West Virginia was recently hit by a big storm with high, damaging winds. Our area was one of the most severely affected, with several trees damaged and others blown down.

A week later, I noticed that in such a short time the leaves of the trees left unattended had turned brown and were dying. Once they were cut off from their source of life, they were unable to live and continue to grow. I was reminded that this is true of my spiritual life and my relationship with God. I am like the brown, wilted leaves on the trees when ...

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The Upper Room magazine’s mission is to provide a model of practical Christianity, accessible in varied formats, to help people feel invited and welcomed into God's presence to ...

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Finding Comfort

The beauties of nature have always been a fascination for me. The majesty of the forest, the vastness of the ocean, and the limitless nighttime ...

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A Lesson Learned

A terrible thing happened to me a while back. I inadvertently clicked a wrong command and deleted all the files on my new laptop. Frantic ...

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Blog for August 8, 2014

A Safe Place Today’s meditation recalls a special message presented at our daily worship in the Urban Ministries Chapel, Greensboro, NC. Part of the purpose ...

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