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Daily Devotional

Beauty in Transition

During late September and early October in North America, the change in seasons requires different kinds of activity. There are bulbs to plant, and preparations must be made for winter. This is a transition time marked by unique beauty.

Changing seasons can be a metaphor for life itself. Life is filled with change and transitions. Perhaps these are natural processes of growing up and growing older. We welcome many changes with eager anticipation: self-discoveries, new relationships, finding a satisfying career, a new home, spiritual awakenings. But some changes are unwelcome intrusions: loss of relationships, changes in home life and personal ...

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Link to Life for Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ruth's Moonflower  

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An Update

  Sadly, my dad passed away only a few months after writing today’s meditation.  Since then, Mom has been on her own, going on two ...

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  I feel a great deal of empathy with the unnamed disciple who asked Jesus to teach his followers to pray (Luke 11:1). I don’t ...

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