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Daily Devotional

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Watching with Jesus

Eager to accept the challenge to keep watch with Jesus, during Lent I set aside a time to pray for one hour. As I see Easter approaching, I remember Christ’s agony in Gethsemane, his disappointment over one who betrayed him and one who denied him. On the cross, Jesus poured out his blood to purchase eternal life for me and for all who believe. I’m awestruck by such great love!

After a time, I ran out of words to express this love, and I began to think of other things. I thought about a family dealing with a job ...

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Watching with Jesus

In the year since writing today’s devotional, I have had an occasional opportunity to watch with Jesus. My watch may have been simply a smile ...

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Palm Sunday

As a person of faith with a mental illness, I realize that I see the world differently. Increased perseveration means my brain gets stuck on ...

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Walking by Faith

How do you write a blog?  It's all new to me.  Anyway, I'm reliably informed that a blog is usually personal and informal.  In other ...

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