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Daily Devotional

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Not Over Yet

Jesus had been crucified. His life was over. Women standing nearby watched as his body was removed from the cross and taken away for burial. Then they departed for home. Resolved to honor one last time the man they had followed, they prepared embalming spices and perfumes for the Lord’s body.

I try to imagine what the women were feeling. Jesus claimed to be the Christ, yet he died a criminal’s death. Hope surely gave way to confusion and disappointment as their minds cried out, It’s all over. He was not the Messiah. Many times in my life ...

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Nurturing Children

On Thursdays, I tutor second grade girls in reading. The school where I tutor is an arm of our church and Bible is part of ...

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Tell Me the Truth

  I mentioned in today’s devotional that I was reading for school.  I wish that I had enough space to explain how God directed me ...

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Watching with Jesus

In the year since writing today’s devotional, I have had an occasional opportunity to watch with Jesus. My watch may have been simply a smile ...

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