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Daily Devotional

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Joyous Surprise of Easter

When I was a little girl, my parents hid my Easter basket in unusual places. When I woke up, I followed clues that led me all over the house, into the yard, and even into the barn. Scrambled messages encouraged me to look in odd places. I found my basket tucked in the ironing closet, in the car, or behind a hay bale. What joy to find Easter goodies waiting for me!

Easter celebrates good news hidden in surprising places. Who would think to discover new life in a graveyard? Who expects crying to turn into joy? Who imagines ...

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Nurturing Children

On Thursdays, I tutor second grade girls in reading. The school where I tutor is an arm of our church and Bible is part of ...

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Tell Me the Truth

  I mentioned in today’s devotional that I was reading for school.  I wish that I had enough space to explain how God directed me ...

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Watching with Jesus

In the year since writing today’s devotional, I have had an occasional opportunity to watch with Jesus. My watch may have been simply a smile ...

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