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Daily Devotional

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As Far As You Can See

Many years ago, my grandmother was riding in a canoe through the wilds of the northern Canadian woods. Her guide was an old native man who was paddling her to a remote resort. Dusk was falling, and she had noticed earlier that he had cataracts. A little anxious, she asked if he needed any help in seeing the shoreline. Smiling, the guide replied, “No, but thank you. I learned some time ago to go as far as I can see and when I get there, I can see that much farther.”

I heard that story many years ago when ...

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Invitation to New Life

Several months have passed since I wrote this meditation. Since then we have packed up our Florida home and moved to North Carolina, where my ...

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Nurturing Children

On Thursdays, I tutor second grade girls in reading. The school where I tutor is an arm of our church and Bible is part of ...

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Tell Me the Truth

  I mentioned in today’s devotional that I was reading for school.  I wish that I had enough space to explain how God directed me ...

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