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Daily Devotional

“People Like Him”

For years I worked for a prison ministry, training Christians to share God’s love with inmates. I also spoke to secular groups about problems that prisoners face.

During those years, a man was arrested in my hometown and convicted of grisly crimes, including the murders of 15 young men. For months the sensational story with its shocking details made headlines. People often approached me after my presentations, mentioned this man, and said, “You don’t have anything to do with people like him, do you?”Their tone implied that, while sharing God’s love with some prisoners might be acceptable, there was a ...

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Link2Life for October 24, 2014

Reaspome and Mary.

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Putting God First

  Thank you for reading my meditation. I wish I could tell you that I followed Christ and obeyed him instantly. During my college years my faith ...

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We Are Not Forsaken

When we have challenges, we often think that no one will understand. We believe that we are all alone in our difficulties. It is tempting ...

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