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Daily Devotional

Forgetting the Past

As I grow older, I find that past failures sometimes dominate my memories, haunting me. How do I get past those moments when I made poor career decisions that affected my future or when I spoke without thinking and hurt other people?

Thoughts like these are paralyzing. They could have been for the apostle Paul, too. He certainly had much to want to forget. Thinking he was pleasing God, he murdered Christians. When he was finally on the side of Jesus, he was rejected, beaten, and stoned for his testimony. However, Paul’s God-inspired philosophy gave him renewed strength and drive ...

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Midnight Meditation

  It’s midnight. A busy day is on its way, and I seriously need to be alert for it. But my chronic insomnia has kicked ...

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Link2Life for October 1, 2014

Abe and Verner

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He Gave

Most days, I wake up with a to-do list already consuming my thoughts and the worries about my family clouding the joy of a new ...

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