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Daily Devotional

Dinosaur Bones

We keep a little bowl of rocks on our front porch. These chunks of gravel and flint are nothing special. But to my young grandson, these rocks were dinosaur bones. And our yard was full of these treasures. So we leave the “dinosaur bones” on our porch to remind us of that special little boy with the vivid imagination.

Israel was told to take stones from the middle of the Jordan and set them on the banks of the river as a reminder of their safe passage across the river. Like the Israelites, we can find hope and comfort in ...

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Deposits of Faith

 According to a recent survey, the cost of raising a child to maturity is $250,000.  And to think, I raised three!  Where did all that ...

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Brag on God

One day I hope that I can be a wonderful mother-in-law like my husband’s mother was to me!  She was a person of deep faith and ...

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Finding Comfort

The beauties of nature have always been a fascination for me. The majesty of the forest, the vastness of the ocean, and the limitless nighttime ...

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