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Daily Devotional

Those Annoying Dogs

The neighbors’ dogs are at it again. Everyone knows when the neighbors are not home because the dogs bark constantly — all day long, day after day. My attempts to scold them from over the fence only encourage them. Apparently, they perceive my actions as a standing ovation to their “performance” — and, like a performer, they oblige with increased volume and fervor.

Even though their barking annoys me, I have to grudgingly admit that in one way they are setting a good example for me in my relationship with Christ. In today’s reading Jesus encourages us to be persistent ...

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The Upper Room magazine’s mission is to provide a model of practical Christianity, accessible in varied formats, to help people feel invited and welcomed into God's presence to ...

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Finding Comfort

The beauties of nature have always been a fascination for me. The majesty of the forest, the vastness of the ocean, and the limitless nighttime ...

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A Lesson Learned

A terrible thing happened to me a while back. I inadvertently clicked a wrong command and deleted all the files on my new laptop. Frantic ...

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Blog for August 8, 2014

A Safe Place Today’s meditation recalls a special message presented at our daily worship in the Urban Ministries Chapel, Greensboro, NC. Part of the purpose ...

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