Link2Life for May 21, 2016

by Upper Room Administrator on Friday, May 20, 2016





From Linda Bonney Olin, author of today's meditation:

I just picked off the last sweet peppers from my garden, in anticipation of the forecasted killing frost, and my husband obligingly snapped a picture of me with my basketful. (Obviously, my days as a new farm bride are in the distant past!) Peppers are easy to grow and one of the simplest things to freeze for future cooking. Just clean, slice, and freeze. If you freeze the chunks in a single layer on a cookie sheet, then pack 'em up in a zipper-type freezer bag, it's easy to pour out the quantity you want to use later.

We're also digging potatoes to put in storage. As you see in the photo, the potato patch turned into quite a weed fest this year, because I was out of state much of the summer, fixing and selling my Dad's house. (He passed away in February.) But the potatoes came along in spite of the weeds.

I'm also attaching a photo I took of my sweet corn processing last year. Unfortunately, our sweet corn was a total crop failure this year, but we still have quite a bit left in the freezer from last year's batch.