From the Editor - March-April, 2017

Sowing and Reaping

One sows and another reaps.
— John 4:37 (NRSV)

For more than 80 years, The Upper Room has been a place for people across the world to share stories of faith. The founders of The Upper Room dreamed of a devotional booklet that would help people regardless of race, nationality, geographic location, or denomination to cultivate a relationship with God. They envisioned an altogether inclusive publication — a devotional guide based not on our differences but on what Christians hold in common.

The first issue of The Upper Room was printed in 1935 with a run of 100,000 copies. In the years since, we have reaped in increasing abundance what the magazine’s pioneers sowed. Today, millions of copies are printed; the magazine reaches over 100 countries and is translated into 33 languages in 75 editions. The Upper Room has become the spiritual companion of many people in the decades since its creation. It has also provided the inspiration and foundation — both financial and spiritual — for various other magazines, books, programs, and ministries.

Here we begin a series of guest editorials written by people who have contributed to The Upper Room’s mission and success — former world editors, book authors, program leaders, and others. Each of their voices has planted seeds of faith and vision for The Upper Room. Through their individual voices, each has added to the collective voice that continues to guide and shape this global ministry. May those of us who now read, write for, and lead this ministry continue to faithfully plant seeds of faith even as we reap the tremendous harvest of spiritual wisdom and depth of those who planted before us. Join me in prayer for all who share their stories and encounter God in the pages of The Upper Room.

Lindsay Gray, Editor