Cover Art — March-April, 2014

Blue Pietá

Artist: Leszek Forczek
(Canada, Contemporary)
Interpreter: Mona Bagasao-Cave
To find out more about the life and works of this month's cover artist, Leszek Forczek, go to: Cover image courtesy of Leszek Forczek. © 2000 Illuminism Aquarelle. Prints of cover art are available from

Pietá: an artwork depicting Mary, mother of Jesus, cradling his lifeless body in her arms.

The woman, who 30-some years earlier had wondered what could possibly be ahead as she cradled a miracle baby, now knew the answer. This was what it meant that her son was to be the Savior of his people. But, if he was a miracle then, could she possibly expect a miracle now? Leszek Forczek’s wonderful cover art — so different from other artistic renderings of the Pieta — gives us a hint. The colorful swirls of light in this painting suggest that the very forces who created the universe are here with the grieving mother. The Spirit who hovered over the waters of chaos — as Creator God gave the first command of creation — hovers in silence above Mary’s tears. The light that came rushing into being on the resonance of God’s voice pierces the gloom of Mary’s sadness.

But that’s not all. The powers that heralded her son’s birth are also present. I can almost hear the echo of the triumphant song the angels sang. The star that showed the way for the Kings from the East — is that its glow shimmering down into the darkness of grief?

But what else? Not only are heavenly things here with Mary. The artist doesn’t leave Mary alone at her moment of most profound agony. A very human friend reaches out to the anguished mother. So complete is this Pietá: Mary cradling her son, Spirit and song surrounding the two, a friend reaching out to support one she loves, and the true Father of light embracing them all.

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