From the Editor - July-August, 2017

Making Room for God

Early in the morning . . . Jesus rose and went to a deserted place where he could be alone in prayer.

— Mark 1:35 (CEB)

On the last day of my visit to Buenos Aires, my hosts urged me to make room in a busy schedule to visit a Methodist school and to see what God is doing there. The school has served mostly immigrant children for more than 150 years. The school is named for the son of a missionary who grew up as an Argentinian and became a successful young businessman. He felt God calling him to use his success to help the immigrant families pouring into the neighborhood near the port. For generations, the school has served children from kindergarten through high school.

Imagine the joy we felt to learn that the school’s 800 students begin each day by reading El Aposento Alto (EAA), the Spanish language edition of The Upper Room. “The children participate in reading the Bible verse and the meditation, and then we discuss what they heard and felt,” said one teacher. “Then we ask them to share their prayer concerns. We keep the devotional in mind throughout the day by posting the ‘Thought for the Day’ on the blackboard. We have many stories to tell about EAA and what has come from this practice over the years.” In this way, the students and teachers make room for God in their lives each day.

We at Upper Room Ministries want to help people make room for God in their lives each day through daily prayer. This foundational devotional practice was the heart of Jesus’ life and ministry, and it is also the heart of our life and ministry at The Upper Room. The “little book” — as the children call EAA — helps create space for everyone to hear God’s voice and feel God’s care. A few minutes each day devoted to remembering God’s love for us can alter the course of our lives and bless the lives of many people for generations to come.

Stephen D. Bryant Former World Editor The Upper Room