In this Issue — July-August, 2017

Cover Art

issue cover The Good Samaritan at the Door of the Inn - Artist: Daniel Bonnell

Daniel Bonnell’s painting, The Good Samaritan at the Door of the Inn, inspired me to consider how this familiar story might have unfolded from the innkeeper’s perspective. I imagine the scenario much like this: The Samaritan was in the shadows, but the innkeeper recognized him immediately. The Samaritan was a longtime customer. That night he carried what appeared to be a lifeless body. “He’s hurt. We must care for him,” the Samaritan might have said. Perhaps the innkeeper thought, But the injured man is a Jew. Would a Jewish man care for a wounded Samaritan? The Samaritan seemed to care ...

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From the Editor

Making Room for God

Early in the morning . . . Jesus rose and went to a deserted place where he could be alone in prayer. — Mark 1:35 (CEB) On the last day of my visit to Buenos Aires, my hosts urged me to make room in a busy schedule to visit a Methodist school and to see what God is doing there. The school has served mostly immigrant children for more than 150 years. The school is named for the son of a missionary who grew up as an Argentinian and became a successful young businessman. He felt God calling him to ...

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Prayer Workshop

The Good Samaritan

“Who is my neighbor?” Jesus responds to the lawyer’s question with a story about a man traveling the Jericho road who was robbed, stripped naked, beaten, and left for dead. In his helplessness he was passed by twice — first by a priest and then a Levite — who walk all the way to the other side of the road to avoid the man. The road between Jerusalem and Jericho was widely known to be dangerous. Traveling along it was potentially hazardous, and halting one’s journey for any length of time courted serious risk. The priest and Levite may have ...

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