In this Issue — Jan-Feb, 2013

Cover Art

issue cover The Magi - The Benedictine Sisters of Turvey Abbey

Through desert heat they trudge, across years and stretched canvas and wrinkled newsprint, down through history and illustrated Bibles. Glints of polished metal and rich fabric attest to their status. Sometimes a swarthy cheek or slanted eye betrays faraway origins. Always their gifts are precious. Seldom do their faces betray the slightest hint of emotion. Usually their solemnity suggests the passing of some potentate rather than a birthday celebration. They had searched for three years or more. Weren't they the least bit relieved that their quest was finally fulfilled? Aren't they a bit surprised that the king they sought was ...

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From the Editor

Getting Here from There

To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. — Ecclesiastes 3:1 (kjv) Ash Wednesday falls on February 13 this year. In the space of only 50 days, we rush from the Christmas joy of birth and life to the solemn imposition of ashes and reminder of death. How in the world do we get from here to there? I have always fought the temptation to leap directly from Christmas to Easter, stopping only for a quick pancake on Fat Tuesday. I'm more comfortable celebrating the birth and then the rebirth of our Savior ...

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Prayer Workshop

Listening and Praying with Beads

Just before bedtime one night, my son, Matthew, and I were reading a children's devotional book that encourages children to find time when they can slow down, turn off computers and digital music, and hear what God is saying to them. This topic was well-timed for our household. All three of us — my son, my husband, and I — love to spend time surfing the Internet or watching TV. With the added "noise" of our jobs and school, our church life, and our other activities, we often fail to hear each other. The same can be true in our ...

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