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Thursday, August 17th, 2017

Read Psalm 91:1-16

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May your unfailing love be my comfort.

- Psalm 119:76 (NIV)

My two cats, Samantha and Chloe, both love to lie in my lap. Chloe is quite personable and affectionate. Samantha, on the other hand, seems to need constant reassurance that she is loved. Some days it seems that every time I sit down, Samantha is right there waiting to jump onto my lap. At times I find her constant attention-seeking annoying.

One morning as I pushed Samantha away, I thought about how God never pushes me away when I come. Sometimes I feel confident in my relationship with God, and I delight in praising God as much as I do in seeking God’s help. Other times, I come to God in desperation, needing a place of refuge and restoration. I also need reassurance that God loves me. Many passages in the Bible tell us that God loves us and will always be with us. I never have to wonder whether God will have time for me or how God will receive me. God always has time for us, and always reaches out to us with loving arms.

See a photo of Pat's cats, here.

The Author

Pat Luffman Rowland (Tennessee, USA)

Thought for the Day

Today I will encourage someone by showing God’s love.


Dear God, thank you for loving us and always being available to comfort and encourage us. Amen.



Comment by Joe

Charming devotional, Pat, Samantha does strike me as the more loving of your two cats, but looks can be deceiving. Imagine most believers know that 'desperation' in needs you speak of. But the glory of our Christian walk is that our loving God is with us in all times, all the time. No matter our sorrow unspeakable or joy out the rooftop, He is consistently with us, for us, and loves us as nobody or thing can love us. Only can Lord can be so very consistent.

Posted August 16, 2017 at 08:11AM CDT
Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Pat, for your devotional this morning, and thank you for sharing the photos of your cats! We have two cats, as well, and though brother and sister, they have completely different personalities. I’m afraid I’m a bit like your cat Samantha, in that I often need reassurance from God that He does love and care for me. Thankfully He doesn’t get irritated and push me off of His lap, but instead, gives me “pettings” of reassurance and encouragement from His Word and in my heart that He does love and care.
BETH of Saucier, MS - I am praising the Lord that your friend, Mr. Grady, was able to have his surgery, that he stent was put in, and that it was a success! I pray that He will continue to bring him full healing, and that there will be no further complications. I pray that he is able to go home as planned, and the Lord will bless him with a full, complete recovery. * DAVE of Manassas, VA - I am praising the Lord that your cat seems to be recovering! I pray that she will continue to make improvements, and soon be back to her normal self.
KATHY of Canal Winchester, OH - I am continuing to keep you in prayer that you will hear back from Amazon about your job application. I pray that the Lord might open up this opportunity for you, or else something else that will pay you a living wage so you won’t need to work two jobs to not even really make ends meet. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to your son, Corey on Tuesday! I pray that he had a wonderful day. * BILL of Huntersville, NC and RUBY of Dauphin Island, AL - Welcome to the UR family, and so glad you both recently posted! I pray that you feel welcomed, and that you both will join us again as you feel led to.
JULIE of Delray Beach, FL - I am keeping you in prayer that the Lord will bring you healing from the heartburn you have been suffering with. I pray that your doctor can determine what is causing this and how best to treat it. I pray that the medication you have been given will be effective, and the Lord brings you relief from all of the pain. * SHEILA of Bryantsville, KY - I pray that the Lord blessed you, your daughter Elizabeth, and granddaughter, Sarah, with travel mercies and a safe trip to the Outer Banks. I am glad that Sarah was feeling well enough to join you. I pray that the Lord will continue to bring her full healing from the pneumonia. I pray that you all have a wonderful time together, along with a lot of good weather, too.
JOANMARIE of Jamison, PA - I am praising the Lord that you are continuing to have a great vacation with your family in Ocean City, that you were able to see dolphins, and got to do some crabbing! I pray that He will continue to bless you all with a wonderful vacation! * BJ - I am praying for Rosie, the five year old daughter of your receptionist at work, who is having surgery. I pray that the Lord will guide her doctors, and that the surgery is/was successful. I pray, too, that they are able to find another anesthesia that will not cause a severe reaction as the previous one did. I pray that the Lord brings her full healing, and a quick recovery. I am also praying for her parents, that He will uphold them and give them strength and peace.
SUSAN - I am praising the Lord that your daughter, Addie, was offered the teaching position on Tuesday! I pray that she will enjoy teaching the kindergarten class, rather than the 3rd grade one that she was expecting, and that the Lord will bless her this year with the little ones starting next Monday. * DONNA of San Marcos, TX - I am praying for your daughter and son-in-law, as he might have a job opportunity for a regular position. I pray that the Lord might open the door for this, and that he will be given the job. I pray that He will provide for their financial needs, especially for your daughter to go to the clinic for the muscle spasm in her neck. I pray that she can get that looked at and taken care of, and that the Lord will bring her healing and relief from all pain.
MERRY of Poteau, OK - I am continuing to pray for your husband, Gerald, that the Lord brings him healing and a full recovery from the surgery he had the other day. I pray that all of the basel skin cancer was caught, and that it will not return anywhere. I pray that the bandages on his nose and cheek will stay on, and that he will have a quick healing. * JERRY of Phoenix, AZ - I am lifting your ex-wife in prayer as she was airlifted to a hospital in Phoenix on Tuesday, following a major heart attack. I pray that the Lord gives her doctors wisdom in knowing the best treatment for her, and that she will make a full, complete recovery.
RICH of Silver Springs, MD - I am joining you in prayer for the hidden disciples living in North Korea. I pray that the Lord will uphold and sustain them with His love, strength and encouragement as they practice their faith in perhaps the most oppressive regime on earth.
Here is the link to my blog site for any who are interested. It is at
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted August 16, 2017 at 08:53PM CDT
Comment by raynard of newark, DE

Good Morning U.R Family. Thank you, Pat, for your devotional and" rest of the story". Growing up, my late mother and an older sister who now lives in Pa were," the cat people in the family. My mom who has a cat run away and then she inherited my sister in PA's two big cats. Ok Sidenote and" my business with America. I had a friend come to work today. The first thing out of his mouth was" Trump is a racist". God moved my heart to lovingly tell him" I don't know his heart so I can't and won't judge him. Doesn't the Bible call us to pray for those in authority over us? This all happened several hours after I got thru reading Proverbs 15 and it was talking about slandering people. Nuff said. Back to my comments. Hear ye, Hear ye, I got a letter in the mail. It didnt say " join the army or go to jail either".. I told someone in church last night" I'm having a " coming out party". I'm finally" coming out of paying child support after 21 years.. I never thought for one minute" Jesus was standing next to " Pinocchio comparing " nose sizes"... God gets all the credit as I didnt even write the state the letter asking them to terminate the support as " according to them when the child finishes school... God blessed my two youngest children as my child support no matter what my x says helped put both thru college.. I read that letter and started singing" what's that song from the Wizard of Oz" Ding Dong the Witch is Dead".. I digress... Prayers going out to each and every spoken and unspoken prayer request. Be blessed and encouraged everyone and have a great day...

Posted August 16, 2017 at 08:53PM CDT
Comment by beth of saucier, MS

Pat, my cat Jazzy is just the opposite of yours. After I go to sleep at night, she sneaks in my bed and curls up beside me. I inevitably wake up at night to find her there. Yet when morning comes, she slips out and perches on the windowsill of the bedroom window to watch the squirrels. Some of the UR family may remember her -- she is one of the babies we bottle fed last year after the mother cat died. I think God just wants us to "curl up" beside him any day at anytime. He is always ready and waiting for us.
Busy week at school. Always thankful for you Sarah that you compile a prayer list. May we all find joy in seeking time with God.

Posted August 16, 2017 at 09:55PM CDT
Comment by Georgine

Good morning .Thank you Pat for the devotional this morning. Here it is 7.28am as the UK is one hour behind Italian time. It is a lovely morning. A cool wind but calm and sunny at least for now , weather in Orkney is changeable.
It is good to know that the Lord is with us and does not reject us when we truly seek him..
I pray that my actions and words might not block anyone's path to knowing the Lord Jesus as their Saviour and Lord.
We leave Orkney on Saturday and go by car to Edinburgh Airport stopping overnight near Perth.
Georgine, Arqua Petrarca, Italy

Posted August 17, 2017 at 01:34AM CDT