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A Second Chance

Monday, May 29th, 2017

Read John 7:53–8:11

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Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go your way, and from now on do not sin again.”

- John 8:11 (NRSV)

I often think back to mistakes I made both in the distant past and just yesterday. Why did I make that stupid remark? Why did I gossip about another person? And then I start thinking about larger life choices: wrong turns I have taken or times when I have done self-destructive things.

Then I think of how Jesus treated the woman caught in adultery in today’s reading. First he protected her from certain death at the hands of authorities by asking them to consider their own sins. And then, amazingly, he didn’t condemn her. Jesus gave her a second chance and the opportunity to learn from her mistakes.

When I do something I know is harmful to myself or others, I can remember that Jesus refrains from judging me, but calls me to make better decisions and sin no more. He gives me a second chance — and sometimes many more than that — every time.

The Author

Abigail Gary (New Jersey, USA)

Thought for the Day

Jesus always offers me a second chance.


Dear Lord, thank you for giving us second chances to follow your ways. Help us to learn from our mistakes as we seek to follow you more faithfully. Amen.

Prayer focusThose struggling to forgive themselves


Comment by Joe

Abigail, good devotional and what a great sentence describing Jesus's complete, forgiving love for you, me and all who call Him Lord - 'I can remember that Jesus refrains from judging me, but calls me to make better decisions and sin no more.'. Your 'Prayer focus 'Those struggling to forgive themselves' is most astute. So many try our best to display a macho attitude of 'I know what I'm doing and I have it under control' when deep down they know they are doing wrong and can't forgive themselves. But our gracious Heavenly Father through His son forgives every little or big thing we should not have done, if we but ask.

Posted May 28, 2017 at 06:45AM CDT
Comment by coni

No matter what we have done, no matter where we have been, it is never too late to change direction, because GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS!

Posted May 28, 2017 at 09:17PM CDT
Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Abigail, for your devotional this morning. I am so grateful that Jesus offers us a second chance. When we make mistakes, He is willing to pick us up, brush us off, and help us back on the right road. People often aren’t like that. They are so quick to criticize and point out where we might have gone wrong. I thank the Lord that Jesus isn’t like that, and He gives us a second chance, and even more.
SIMONE of Clinton, MD - Yes, I did receive the email you sent. Thank you so much. I will try to contact them after the holiday. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness!
DAVE of Manassas, VA - I am lifting up your wife, Sharon, in prayer as she travels down to Georgia to stay with her mother and care for her. I pray that she arrives safely, and that the Lord will watch over both her and your mother-in-law, keeping them both safe. I pray that He will give you all wisdom to find a better alternative than for Sharon to have to travel down to Georgia so often for extended times.
JK - I am keeping you and your family in prayer as you travel down south. I pray that the Lord will watch over and protect you all. I pray that you all will have a very good time while away.
TERRY of Dublin, OH - I am holding your mother-in-law in prayer as she is back in the hospital in intensive care. I pray that the Lord will bring her full healing, and give her doctors wisdom to know the best and most effective treatment for her. I pray that she will make a full recovery, and will be well enough to return home soon.
DAN of Summerfield, NC - I am praying for the situation you have in a nearby lagoon which you used to use to water your lawn, but the water has now been poisoned and is salty. I pray that the Lord will give you and any others involved His wisdom, and that a solution to this problem will be found.
MARSHA of Bangs, TX - I am praising the Lord that your friend, Nancy, is home from the hospital following her surgery. I pray that the Lord will continue to bring her healing and a full recovery. I pray that she will do well in her rehab, and will be walking fine real soon.
JULIE of Delray Beach, FL - I am praying for your niece, Caitlin, as she goes on an interview tomorrow with Carnival Cruise. I pray that the Lord will give her confidence as she goes in, and the right responses to all of their questions. I pray that He will open the door for her to get this position.
GOLDIE - I am lifting Kirk in prayer, that the Lord will uphold him, and bring him healing and encouragement. I pray that He will deliver Kirk from the hallucinations, and show him a purpose in his life. I pray that if any medication he might be taking has gotten out of whack, that his doctors will make sure his medications are adjusted correctly. I am also praying for your friend, Ms. Levy, who is having financial problems. I pray that the Lord will provide for all of her needs. I am also praying for your friend, Mrs. Senior, whose three sons suffer with mental illness. I pray that she will get help in caring for them, and that they will have the treatment they need. I pray for your godmother, who is confined to a wheelchair, and is unhappy where she is living. I am praying that the Lord will uphold her and fill her encouragement, peace and joy.
MERRY of Poteau, OK - I am continuing to keep you in prayer for your sciatica. I pray that the Lord brings you healing and relief from all of your pain. I am praying that your doctors will have wisdom and an effective treatment to help you, and that you will be feeling much better, and able to go out and walk with Charlie real soon.
Prayers for all those in our Armed Services on this Memorial Day. And heartfelt thanks to them and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for our country and our freedom.
Here is the link to my blog site for any who are interested. It is at http://www.bcplectionary.blogspot.com
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted May 28, 2017 at 09:47PM CDT
Comment by beth of saucier, MS

Early good morning to all and Happy Memorial Day! Today I say thank you to all of our UR family who have served in the military and I am grateful that you are still here with us--Raynard, Edd, and others. My heart grieves for those lives lost while protecting our freedoms. We are so blessed to live in this country, even with all of our problems. May God guide the leaders and our military to continue to provide the leadership necessary for our many freedoms.
Abigail, it a wonderful and good thing that God provides us with second chances. What a gracious God we serve.
We had a beautiful combined church service--all 3 services in one. The walkway into the church was lined with small American flags. The magnolia trees on the front lawn were blooming. We had a rousing roster of songs combining the traditional choir and the praise band. It was an uplifting service. God bless America.
Packed and ready to head out to North Carolina for our rock hunting. Gabby is so excited. God has greatly blessed us with this precious grandchild and provided us the means to make this trip possible. Thank you in advance for your prayers for safe travel.
I lift up all all of the needs mentioned. Particularly Donna's friend, whose son committed suicide. May we all seek joy in the Lord.

Posted May 28, 2017 at 09:55PM CDT
Comment by JK

Hello all~~Abigail thank you for sharing your message of hope through 2nd chances from God the Father. Forgiveness....what a wonderful gift. One of many He offers to us.
Sarah I echo your prayers. I pray that you and Albert are able to receive help on Tuesday and get reinstated to receive the help you need.
Prayers for all in the paths of storms and bullets; both seem far too prevalent these days.
I certainly share Sarah's sentiments regarding our armed forces/military on Memorial Day. Freedom is not free. God Bless the USA.
Prayers for my husband and our neighbors as they deal with downed trees and power outages ongoing. Pray the power is restored and safe for all to use and that no more storms will come through any of these same areas. Travel mercies were well received this morning and our journey went smoothly for the most part. Our reservation was "useless" as the only room they had to accommodate us was a smoking room despite a request for non--smoking. Thankfully we found another room not far away because we had already traveled further than we normally do. Be safe one and all and enjoy your holiday if you are able to be off work.....and be careful for goodness sake.

Posted May 28, 2017 at 10:07PM CDT
Comment by Sabrina of Sandersville, GA

I have a prayer request....for my little one....I won't go into detail, but God knows what's in our hearts and on our minds. I also pray for all unspoken (and spoken) prayer requests ✝️✝️✝️

Posted May 29, 2017 at 01:05AM CDT
Comment by Georgine

Good morning everyone. Thank you Abigail it is wonderful that God is open to our lack of perfection especially as I often feel like Paul "For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do--this I keep on doing." Romans 7v19 (NIV).
Thank you Joe, Coni, Sarah of Berwyn, Beth of Saucier, MS., and JK for your comments and prayers.
For those in the USA it is Memorial Day, a day to remember those who gave their lives in while serving in the armed forces. May we all be thankful for the freedoms we have and the great price that was paid for it.
Georgine, Arqua Petrarca, Italy

Posted May 29, 2017 at 01:25AM CDT
Comment by JK

Good morning all! Beth and Georgine I echo your comments, prayers and praises. Sabrina praying for you little one. God bless you and all who enter the UR this day.~~ Praise God from whom all blessings flow~~~

Posted May 29, 2017 at 04:34AM CDT
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

Abigail, thank you for this devotion; it was thought provoking. She was caught in adultery, which was a capital offense. Jesus doesn't 'forgive' her; He does not condemn her. Further, He asks her 'to sin no more'; which technically, she is incapable of doing. Maybe I'm making too much of this, but it seems He is calling on her good sense; to be humble and to never put herself into such a position again. We CAN do that. Praise God for His mercy!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 04:34AM CDT
Comment by raynard of newark, DE

Good Morning U.R Family. Thank you Abigail for your devotional. Like mother birds teaching their young to fly, forgiving yourself is a process.. Like the original " The Fly " movie, " God isn't going to " do away with us cause " he's seen enough".. I digress.. Hope everyone is having a safe holiday and remembering those who served and those still serving in our Armed Forces. Prayers going out to each and every spoken and unspoken prayer request. Be blessed and encouraged everyone and have a great day...

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:02AM CDT
Comment by George of Virginia Beach, VA

Abigail, thank you for the reading, what a blessing it is that God is so forgiving, joining you in prayer for those struggling to forgive themselves. Honoring all of our military, both past and present. JK, glad you made it safely, continued prayers for your husband's arthritis, and he as well as others affected by recent storms. Donna, praying for your friend and her family as her son committed suicide. Danny, praying for your daughter Molly as well as you. Kim, praying for your MIL Judy as well as your friend Paula. Merry, praying for relief from your sciatica pain, and praying the library is restored quickly after being flooded. Bette, praying for your husband in the nursing home going through rehab. Sheila, continued prayers for you and your family. Dave, travel mercies for Sharon. Terry, praying for your MIL back in intensive care. Cherie, continued prayers for you and Ron. Marsha, praying for your friend Nancy. Goldie, praying for Kirk, Ms Levy, Mrs Senior , and your Godmother. Julie, praying for Caitlin with her job interview, and prayers for you and your family. Sabrina, praying for your little one. Praises for all needs met, and prayers for all needs spoken or unspoken. Have a blessed day!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:11AM CDT
Comment by dave of Manassas, VA

Good morning UR family!
It is Memorial Day. I believe the best way we can possibly show our thanks to those who serve(d) is to ask God to show us how to walk as Christ-followers who hold citizenship, and then DO IT. Every day is Memorial Day, because every day we must pay the real cost of citizenship through our actions and words. We have to keep ourselves under control, own our actions, guard each other's freedom, and act out our responsibility to be the "check and balance" for the ENTIRE GOVERNMENT. That real cost is never paid in money, and there is no such thing as credit!
I ask God to help us pay the real cost of citizenship by following Him.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:34AM CDT
Comment by Joe

coni, great thought, 'GOD ALLOWS U-TURNS! ', yes He does.
georgine, thank you. And YES INDEED, what a price has been paid for our freedom. I salute every active military and veteran. We would not have what we have today where it not for their bravery and sacrifice.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:45AM CDT
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

Good morning UR family! Thank you Abigail for the devotional on second and third chances! We are not condemned! Love to you, sister!
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO ALL!!! I am remembering the many relatives I have had in the military today and all the men and women who served and were changed by that experience. I pray for PEACE! I pray for families who are heartbroken. Lord, help this hurting world!
I ask for prayers for my first cousins Danny, Dale and Milton who are battling cancer right now. Milton was in Vietnam and came back a different man. I pray they will all find comfort.
Sabrina, I am praying for your little one. Love to you, sister!
Merry, praying for you to be rid of the sciatica. Keeping you and Gerald in my prayers. Happy to hear your daughter was there this weekend to be a help for you. Kisses to little Charlie! So sorry to hear the library was flooded! I remember going there a lot back in the 70's.
JK, travel mercies for you! I pray the storms will calm. Love to you, sister!
I want to thank all the family members here and in the balcony for your service. God Bless!
Everyone have a beautiful Memorial Day! Love and Light!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:52AM CDT
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

George, keeping you and Bethanne in my thoughts and prayers. Love to you, brother!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 05:54AM CDT
Comment by Edd of Ocala, FL

Good morning to all the UR Family have a wonderful safe Memorial Day! Praise the Lord!!! Abigail, thanks for the scripture and your devotional. It is an awesome God that not only gives us a second chance, but is there to help guide us in our decisions and actions, and lift us up we we fail or don't think we can do something He knows we can. Find a boss like that in today's society and you have a great one. I echo everyone's statements about those who died for our freedoms, those serving and those who will choose to serve in the future. We as a country owe you all dearly. All my uncles and dad served in WWII in the Army and only one of four is still alive. Little humor when I decided to join the service they all got together and wouldn't let me join the Army, so the U.S. Navy it was Lol. Lord help JK's husband and neighbors as they clean up after the storm. PTL JK and her granddaughter arrived safely and found a room. Praying for Sabrina's little one Lord you know her needs, please help. Praying for Danny, Dale, and Milton all who are battling cancer Lord they need your healing hands. Praying for all the UR Family to have a great Memorial Day filled with joy and God's healing. God is Love for All!!!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 06:27AM CDT
Comment by Donna of San Marcos, TX

Good morning dear UR family! Thank you, Abigail, for our devotional today. The way you have presented our "second chances" really is comforting. AND, I want to thank all of you who have addressed my prayer request, as I will need all of the scripture going forward that I can find regarding how the Lord might treat those who commit suicide. I did not get to post yesterday, but I did read your comments and I am so blessed to be a part of this UR family. I got mom up early and got us all dressed so we could go see my friends. Her mother is 98 and relates to my mother who is 97, even though my mother cannot make sense, her intention is often well known. To see them holding hands was so sweet. We all sat in a circle and prayed together. Sometimes there was just silence as this awful situation sinks in. I have written down all the scriptures you gave me, and I will keep them marked. Our Bible study meets tonight for a special time, and we offered to postpone it, but my friend said that she and her husband really wanted to be there. So often they have spoken about their other deceased son, lessons learned and wounds healed, and they have held to their faith throughout. This situation is different because this lost son lead a different life. The message from Pope Francis was a very good start, helping us to see that Jesus died FOR ALL, even those who were atheists. My friend's son was NOT a professed atheist, he was raised in the church, baptized and did much good in his life. In fact, it was in taking on too much to do for his family that he began to drink, and the drink lead him down into a pit of hopelessness. The act of suicide was impulsive and came from his illness. I think we should be careful not to judge who we think will go to Heaven and who will not. That is why I will keep searching for scriptures that have to do with the many messages Jesus gave us about salvation. How is it we know what happens to our soul at the moment of death? My place here is to support my friend, my sister in Christ, and to be careful to have a stronghold in scripture. I keep reminding myself that Jesus spoke in parables so often, not speech that was black and white, but speech that caused people to think a certain way and to reach right conclusions. I so appreciate you all and your comments. Your loving sister in Christ.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 06:42AM CDT
Comment by Elizabeth of Belmont, NC

Good morning UR family and Happy Memorial Day! Thank you for the lovely devotional. I always need to remember that I always have forgiveness in Jesus if only I ask for it. What a gift!
DONNA- praying for you and your friends as they travel this difficult road of grieving and loss. May you find comfort and solace in Scripture.
Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed in our great military. May God continue to bless the USA. Thank you Lord for always giving me a second chance. Amen.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:13AM CDT
Comment by Linda of Madison, AL

Praying for peace on this Memorial Day. So many wear red poppies for this day, a remembrance of our soldiers that have lost their lives; In Flanders Fields is a peom of WWI.
We had our cookout yesterday with our good friends with BBQ ribs and homemade strawberry icecream. Then went to see Guardians of the Galaxy movie. Hoping for a quiet day today.
Prayers for my friend Annette, they can not get her heart beat under control. It is either racing or stopping.
God bless us all on this day He has given us. God bless our country and all of our Veterans.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:18AM CDT
Comment by Brent of West Monroe, LA

Good morning UR family and thank you Abigail for your devotional today. With the love that He has for us the Lord shows us mercy and forgiveness. Fortunately it is never to late to change. As Abigail's thought for the day says, He gives us second chances. It is up to us to make the correct choices and we will with His guidance. Honoring all the men and women who have served this nation so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have in this great nation of ours. God bless our military and God bless the United States of America.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:22AM CDT
Comment by Mathew

Here is a working link for scripture reading https://biblia.com/bible/esv/John%207.53-8.11
May God bless all with his peace.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:25AM CDT
Comment by Jay of Fort Myers, FL

Love is the only thing that grows by giving it away

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:27AM CDT
Comment by Mike of Jamestown, KY

God has given me many do overs.... and I am so grateful!! I remember also Linda wearing the paper red poppies in memory of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. May we always remember them! Prayers for Donna as this is a rough time, but Jesus has you.
Everyone be safe and take care of each other.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:29AM CDT
Comment by Carolyn of Austin, TX

Thank you, Abigail. Beautifully written. To be like Jesus--forgiving ourselves and others. What a different world this would be. Peace.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:38AM CDT
Comment by Susan of Plymouth, MN

Good morning, all! Thank you, Abigail; so true - if God can forgive us for all of our mistakes, who are we, not to?
Donna of San Marcos, I am praying for you, your friend, and her family. Yes, depression is a disease as surely as heart disease is a disease, or other diseases caused by chemical imbalances in any organ. Yet few people judge those who have heart attacks or renal failure, or cancer the way that they judge those who have depression that leads to suicide (or those who die from depression).
But God understands how our bodies work - he knitted them all together! He knows that each organ, including the brain, needs a very specific balance. Also, too Abigail's point, God is all about second chances. We might think, "well, it's hard to give someone who committed suicide a second chance." But really, it is not too hard for God. Praise God for His goodness and mercy!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 07:41AM CDT
Comment by Rob of Warner Robins, GA

If it wasn't for second chances, I would have no chances at all. I am thankful that God always forgives us for our sins, if we confess them. I am probably more thankful though when God gives me the power to FORGET my sins which is hard to do. I have done things I am not proud of and I remember them from time to time. However, it is these times that I thank God for delivering me from my past sins and setting me back on His path.
Prayers for all of the needs of the UR family this day. Prayers of thanksgiving for those who made the ultimate sacrifice to secure and protect the freedoms of the many. Prayers for those who have been injured and their caretakers. May God bring them hope and strength. Grace and peace to all of God's children today.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:04AM CDT
Comment by monte of laughlintown, PA

Thank you for those we remember on Memorial Day. I wish I could remember the exact wording on a billboard in suburban Buffalo.It showed a picture of a cemetery and the words were something like 'For these, every day is Memorial Day'.
Great offering on the woman caught in adultery, Abigail!! We are all caught in our special 'adulteries'. Thank you for Jesus!!
We are still dealing with issues with the condo. Some odor has arisen that we thought was smoking related. It seems that may not be the case, and we have not been able to identify the problem. I would appreciate any who would lift this issue in prayer--that God may correct it or guide us to the source and a solution. As you can imagine, Carolyn is frazzled and I am not far behind.
Prayers for all today--those who grieve, those who travel, those who are burdened, those at war, those responsible for governing.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:07AM CDT
Comment by Willis of Jackson, TN

Good Morning UR Family: ABIGAIL--thanks for the devotional, yes GOD forgives us over and over and over--we just need to try to put our sin behind us and do like HE said "Go and sin no more".
I know everyone has good meanings and thoughts, BUT today is a day to REMEMBER our fallen Military that gave the ultimate sacrifice for our great country. Veterans Day is the day to celebrate and thank a Veteran, so please don't wish me a Happy Memorial Day--it is anything but happy. I lost my best friend, my roommate in Vietnam, a close friend that I went thru training with and a fellow Tex A & M grad. I miss all four of them and feel for their families.
Paul tells us in 1 Corinthians 15:19, “If our hope in Christ is good for this life only and no more, then we [Christians] deserve more pity than anyone else in all the world”.
Why does Paul say this? For one thing, it isn’t easy to live for Christ in a world that doesn’t like Christ.
In Matthew 16:26 Jesus says, “What profit is there if you gain the whole world — and lose eternal life? What can be compared with the value of eternal life?”.
Some thoughts to live by.
Just finished a 6 week session on Forgiveness at my Church in Sunday School. Some of the thoughts are paraphrased here:
At the heart of our learning to remember well, then is learning to be forgiven by GOD. Our tendency to remember what we out to forget is often rooted in our desire to wallow in anger and bitterness over hurts suffered, grievances unheard or offenses unforgiven. Like Peter by the fire, others of us can not forget our own betrayal. Hating ourselves, we become convinced that GOD must hate us too. Memories are healed rather than erased or forgotten.
Praying for all needs.
Everyone have a blessed GOD filled day.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:09AM CDT
Comment by Joe

cherie, yes indeed, 'Lord, help this hurting world!'. About the time I think it cant't it can't get wilder or meaner, it does.
Another salute and thank you to our brave men and women of our armed services. We would not be doing and living the life we are without you wonderful folks. Thank you, Jesus, protect them all.
Yes, Dave, ' Every day is Memorial Day'. Great thought.
Edd, fantastic thought, 'Find a boss like that in today's society and you have a great one'. Our Lord is the greatest 'Bossman' we will ever have.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:12AM CDT
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

Blessing In The Name Of Yeshua! Blessings on this Memorial Day and prayers for all who are grieving the loss of a military member of your family.
I won't be tarrying long here this morning... I plan on going to the Memorial Day Services at Camp Nelson National Cemetery a few miles from here. It begins at 11 so I need to leave no later than 10 to find a good place to set my chair. Should leave by 9:30 but don't think I'll make that...
Matthew... thank you for the scripture link.
Abigail Gary (New Jersey, USA), thank you for the scripture choice and the devotional for today. "To err is human, to forgive is divine." I'm not sure who originally said that, but there is much truth in it. We have the hardest time forgiving ourselves... but Jesus/Yeshua had the hardest time.... not in His heart or mind... though He did struggle in His mind in the garden... the hardest time He had was the physical, brutal attack to His body all for LOVE.... and yet in the agony of His body as The Ultimate Sacrifice on the Altar Of The Cross, He still had presence of mind to pray for us! In His death He was protecting any who would come after Him from the death our own sins would cost... and He prayed that we would go forth, sin no more and share the Good News. Hallelujah!
We are all so very blessed already, how can we ask for more?
We are all so very blessed already in knowing and having a personal relationship with Yeshua The Messiah.
We are all so very blessed already knowing that IN Him we can forgive ourselves and have the resolve to not do 'it' again.
Cyber hugs {{{ :-) }}} to all who enter here. We are all loved so deeply... so wide... as far as the east is from the west... and farther than the depths of space. A pastor once said... "We don't know how far God's grace will go." Maybe even so far as to cover the soul who was so lost in hopelessness... (because of satan's lies) that they took their own life... Only God knows... but in that lies hope for us.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:15AM CDT
Comment by Jim of Lubbock, TX

Good morning UR family. I enjoyed the scripture and words this morning. Thanks Abigail. I am thankful for the many second chances God has allowed for me. We are to give the same second chances to others.
Echoing Willis' post about Memorial Day. Prayers for all that gave their lives for us.
Thanks to Sarah and George for the lists of prayer concerns and blessings.
Praying that I am able to get a second chance with others today. Not sure what is going on, but it seems that things are not going well between myself and others in my family. I just wish that we could clear the air and have a better relationship with our children and grandchildren.
Special prayers for Sarah and her family that she can resolve that tough financial situation that is happening in her life. I know Sarah wants to have a job that she can devote herself to and be able to provide for her family.
I am thankful for this UR family, that we can share our concerns and blessings and have so many pray for us each day.
Prayers for all spoken and unspoken requests today. May God bless all. With all my love, Jim of Lubbock.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:30AM CDT
Comment by kim of locust grove, OK

Father God "thank you for giving us second chances to follow your ways. Help us to learn from our mistakes as we seek to follow you more faithfully." Lord we remember this day those who have paved the way for our faith and our freedom, especially those who have given their lives for others. We pray for our country ... it seems as if we have become the stone throwers instead of the forgivers. We pray for the families of the two men killed in Portland. Bless our country in these trying times. Bless our President with wisdom and grace. Bring a new vision of peace and love for all your children. Pour your grace into our hurting world. Be Thou our vision. IJN Amen.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:39AM CDT
Comment by Kathy of Canal Winchester, OH

Good morning UR family, Abigail, thank you for your devotional this morning. I have been given many second chances. Thank you Jesus. I have a hard time forgiving myself.

Happy Memorial day to all. Many thanks to all who have served. Thank you Jesus for sparing my son as he was shot at by a sniper when he was stationed in Iraq years ago. He felt the bullet whizzing over his head. I didn't find this out until a couple of years ago.

Coni, loved you comment.

Joe, thank you for our opening comment.
Merry, praying for you health.
Sarah, I all be praying for you and Albert tomorrow.
Many blessings and love to all.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:52AM CDT
Comment by julie of Delray Beach, FL

Good Morning UR family Abigail, thank you for the message. I make dumb mistakes daily but knowing that the Lord forgives me and that each day is a new day to make a change.
May the Lord bless the men and women of the military and Thank you to those that have served.
JK- Praying for your husband as he cuts down the damaged trees .
Monte- Praying that the Lord leads you to the source of the problem in the Condo.
Terry- Praying for your MIL as she is back in the hospital.
Donna- Praying for peace and comfort for your friend as her son committed suicide.
Praying for travel mercies for all who are traveling home today( including my son who is traveling back from a convention).
Praying for all on the list spoken or not.
Have a great day UR family!!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 08:58AM CDT
Comment by Linda of West Point, VA

Happy Memorial Day and thanks to all veterans here who bravely served our country. Abigail, praise God that He does five us second chances. I have misssed being here for a few days, but you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Sarah, it just seems like hurdles just keep coming in your way. I will pray along with all others that tomorrow you and Albert will have success with the public aid, God will go with you also. Monte, blessings that you will find the source of the odor in your condo. Continued prayers and blessings for all needs. "ASK"

Posted May 29, 2017 at 09:14AM CDT
Comment by Marsha of Bangs, TX

Good morning URF!
Praise God for this blessed day and cooler temps!
Jesus gives us as many chances as we need to get it right with His help. He even shoulders our burdens to help us. We need to forgive ourselves so we can forgive others.
Thank you for your prayers URF!
I am praying for you.
Wishing everyone a blessed Memorial Day!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 09:24AM CDT
Comment by Mike of Seattle, WA

Abigail thankyou for your very thoughtful meditation. Forgiveness is so difficult.
Raynard. Thanks for your service. Today there was a program on NPR about the difficulty vets face, getting and keeping a job, just out of the service. Over half keep a postion less than a year. Such a difficult transition. I pray the VA may actually help some folks and not do just lip service.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 09:33AM CDT
Comment by Michael of Lindendale, TX

Thank you, Abigail. This Memorial Day I echo Willis' thoughts as we remember those who gave all in service to our country. That includes my wife's brother Joe who gave his life in Vietnam. Willis, Edd, Raynard, and all that serve or have served, thank you! Willis, I did not go to TAMU but am an Aggie Dad. My daughter, Violet's Mom, graduated from Texas A&M and also went through the Corps of Cadets there. And now she is a major in the USAF.
Prayers for all the families that have lost service members, for all the needs of our UR family, Sabrina, prayers for your little one.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 09:46AM CDT
Comment by Terry of Dublin, OH

Thanks Abigail for your message and reminding us no matter how many times we fall, God is there or help us up…….no matter how far and how many times. His forgiving hand will reach us and bring us back. As stated, we all need to work on his behalf and forgive others as we are forgiven. I do feel receiving forgiveness may be harder than extending it to others. I know for one, I am well beyond the second chance point on my life and glad there is not an end to the number of times we can receive God’s forgiveness. I know some may feel their actions are beyond receiving God’s forgiveness, but they must know there is nothing to great or severe to receive God’s forgiveness. I hope we all never stop asking God for forgiveness or stop forgiving those around us. I pray for all fallen veterans and those asking for prayers this day

Posted May 29, 2017 at 10:09AM CDT
Comment by Karen of Jackson, MS

Good morning UR family. Thank you Abigail for the devotional. I'm so blessed that God has blessed me with many second chances. Blessings to all on this Memorial Day that gave their lives for our freedom. Especially our war vets here in Cyber Chapel. Prayers to all those needs spoken and unspoken. Be Blessed!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Posted May 29, 2017 at 10:19AM CDT
Comment by Karen of Jackson, MS

Good morning UR family. Thank you Abigail for the devotional. I'm so blessed that God has blessed me with many second chances. Blessings to all on this Memorial Day that gave their lives for our freedom. Especially our war vets here in Cyber Chapel. Prayers to all those needs spoken and unspoken. Be Blessed!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Posted May 29, 2017 at 10:20AM CDT
Comment by Elias of La Palma, CA

Abigail Gary: Thank you for your devotional today. Jesus died so that we could LIVE an ABUNDANT LIFE, but what I sense from the phrase, ”I often think back to mistakes I made…”; OFTEN, being the operative word here, is that you are FOCUSING too much on the PAST! These thoughts keep you in BONDAGE. If YOU FOCUS ON THE PAST, it keeps you from LIVING in the PRESENT! Jesus DIED for ALL OF OUR MISTAKES/SINS so that we can now LIVE FREE in the PRESENT.
When you continue to FOCUS on your PAST mistakes, it’s like saying to God, “ Jesus’ death on the cross was NOT enough to cover my sins or to make me RIGHTEOUS in your sight.” It is so important to understand that we will NEVER be without SIN in our lives. If it were possible, then Jesus would NOT have had to go to the cross! 1 John 1:8 tells us, “If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.”
Jesus, however, gave us the way to LIVE an ABUNDANT life by observing the two greatest commandments: LOVING God first and our neighbor as our self. THIS is what you should be FOCUSING on instead of your PAST mistakes and sins!
I believe that what you are trying to do is to somehow MAKE YOURSELF WORTHY AND ACCEPTABLE to God by CORRECTING your mistakes into PERFECTION. What most people don’t realize is how OFTEN we sin daily. We don’t really know all the sins we commit nor the extent of our sinful life, but that is what Christ died for so that we can be FREE from the BONDAGE of SIN!
It is so much better to FOCUS on HOW we can LOVE as God LOVES, and that is by GIVING To Those Around Us Without REQUIRING In Return. As we do this, the Lord is able to RENEW our minds to LIVE as He wants us to LIVE. The Holy Spirit has been sent to us to GUIDE us into the TRUTH that will set us FREE!

Posted May 29, 2017 at 11:48AM CDT
Comment by Joe

Kathy, thanks. Such a price our sons and daughters pay when they serve in the military. Thank God your son lived to tell about a awful close call. Forgiving yourself is perhaps easier when we can say we have forgiven others, don't we deserve the same.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 12:24PM CDT
Comment by merry of Poteau, OK

"Jesus always offers me a second chance."...
Amen and Amen!!
Abagail...hello in New Jersey. Thank you for your forgiving devotional, 'A Second Chance.'
Thank you, Lord, for second chances...I've needed them.
UR Family...Blessings for this Memorial Day...in Honor of all our Vets and Military.
Raynard, Edd, Willis... all our UR Veterans. Thank You...
My husband, our #1 Son, #1 Daughter are military Veterans. Husband's father was a War 1 Veteran. My father, brothers(Joe & Bob) all serviced in military.
Sarah...thank you for your faithful prayers. Praying for all on your list. And for you and your family.
Kathy...Thank you for your caring prayers for me and Charlie. #1daughter took a new photo of us and of course posted to FB. ~://}
Cherie...thanks for your warm greetings. Charlie sends doggy kisses your way. #1 daughter's been taking Charlie for walks. She returns to work in morning...she is a veteran of Desert Storm.
Poteau's new Library is Patrick Lynch Public Library in memory of an young school teacher killed in a car wreck in about 2004 [ ??]. Not long after we moved to Poteau...
Mike...hello in Washington. So glad Baby Violet is doing well.
I also listen to NPR. My kitchen radio and car is program to NPR.
Joe...thanks for your opening comments for our devotional.
Donna...praying for you and your friend.
My 'Go To' scripture is: 1 Corinthians 13:12 NIV...


Posted May 29, 2017 at 02:37PM CDT
Comment by Willis of Jackson, TN

Good Afternoon again. Another thought --saying Happy Memorial Day is like saying
Happy Anniversary on your Mothers death. Not a happy day.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 03:06PM CDT
Comment by Joe

And thank you, merry, for thanks for being a consistent contributor to this UR loving family. Believe your family has done its part in protecting and preserving this land of the free. I count seven. Blessings. My family has several uncles that served in WW1 and 2. My younger brother served in Vietnam. Youngest brother-in-law died later from Vietnam caused problems.

Posted May 29, 2017 at 03:32PM CDT