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Rage or Blessing?

Saturday, February 6th, 2016

Read James 3:1-12

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No human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison.

- James 3:8 (NIV)

The words tumbled out of my mouth as I confronted my co-worker. Months of pent-up frustration spilled over, becoming a raging river of anger. This man had criticized my work decisions, spoken rudely, and ignored me in front of others. I thought I had forgiven him, but I guess I had stuffed the emotions inside. As I was confronting him, my outburst offended him. Although I later asked for forgiveness, he would not speak to me.

Sometimes our tempers get the best of us. We may even use the verse quoted above to excuse our venting. Although we are helpless to tame our tongues, God is not. Paul cautions, “In your anger do not sin” (Eph. 4:26), which tells us that there are ways for us to handle anger without hurting other people.

I began to think about what I could have done differently. Months earlier, before the offenses had piled up into anger, I could have calmly spoken to my co-worker about our differences. Or I could have simply started asking God to bless him, which might have changed my perspective on the situation. We each have the choice of how we will respond to offenses. Will we rage, or will we bless?

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The Author

Karen Jean Dorsey (Oregon, USA)­

Thought for the Day

Today I will let God guide my words.


Dear God, help us each day to put our tongues under your control and to heed your voice. Amen.



Comment by Joe

Karen, thank for your devotional and saying 'Or I could have simply started asking God to bless him, which might have changed my perspective on the situation.'. I've said it before and sorry, I will say it many times again - If you earnestly PRAY for someone, you can NOT continue to harbor ill will against them. There is absolutely no way that you can take someone before the throne of almighty God and then still continue to chastise them. It works on me - I cannot lambaste others after praying for them and it will work for all who belong to Christ Jesus.

Posted February 05, 2016 at 08:16AM CST
Comment by Tommie of Dayton, TN

     Karen, your devotional really spoke to me because I've "been there, done that". It does take a long time to heal wounds and I'm so glad you were able to get back on a friendly basis with your co-worker. Work is a four-letter word and having good working relationships makes it so much more pleasant.
     My visit with the pulmonologist didn't go well. He wanted me to come back in two weeks but the schedule was full so I'm on it for the 26th. He was alarmed by my last ABG and wants a repeat plus a six minute walk, an echocardiogram and a hi-res CT. That will involve another trip to the big city. He isn't happy that the gastroenterologist referred me to an out of town surgeon. He wrote down "transoral incisionless fundoplication" and I guess he'll look that up. He's generally well-versed but that was one he'd never heard of. I had three vials of blood drawn at the lab next door before I left. I did live through the PFT so that's a plus.
     Getting onto the highway proved to be a bit of a challenge since there had been wrecks on both sides of the four-lane. If I'd gotten out of the doctor's office sooner, I might have been part of it. There were injuries and one fatality. I pray for all the people involved.
     My friend's husband is being transferred to the hospital where I used to work for physical therapy and speech therapy. The department there is excellent so he should do well if he cooperates. It's on my friend's way to work so she will be able to see him frequently. God is good.
     Adam was missing three years ago. The devotional is excellent.

Posted February 05, 2016 at 11:32AM CST
Comment by Mary Helen of Indiana, PA

Good morning to all. Thank you Karen for your devotional. Tommie is right" been there done that" but no more. Prayer has replaced my sharp tongue. . I did this with Anna. Early in our relationship harsh words would have ruined any chance of a relationship but God guided me and now we have a good relationship.

Anna did not have a migraine plus anxiety but dehydration and a UTI. God is so good. He has provided her with a new job because I believe the CVS job may have lead to more of this.

Cherie so glad for your good report. Praise God.
Georgina, praying they find the cause of your problem. If it is your gallbladder having. it removed has helped Anna and other friends.
Heidi, condolences to your family on your nephews passing.
I prayed for you all yesterday. It took me all day to read all posts.. It was a long day.
Mark 6:31 oh how I needed rest.

Posted February 05, 2016 at 07:44PM CST
Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Karen, for your devotional this morning. Most of the time, my problem is stuffing all my anger and hurts inside, and letting them stew and eat me up inside. If I let the anger out, it is only in my home, and my poor children have to listen. May the Lord give me the wisdom to know the way He would choose for me to act and speak when any difficulties with others arise.
DAVE of Manassas, VA - I praise the Lord with you that He kept you safe on the road while driving in rain to and from Parris Island Marine base. I pray that He will give you wisdom for your work with them, and also the opportunity to be His witness. I am also praying that the Lord will watch over your wife, Sharon as she travels back to her parents. I pray that He will give her and her sister and mother wisdom and leading as they make decisions for the care of her father. I pray that the Lord will give him strength and healing, and might grant him more years with the family. I pray that his remaining time will be filled with peace and without pain. Also, I wouldn’t want to leave my mailing address here, but I will give you my email address. You could contact me via that: sarah_mastandrea @sbcglobal.net.
RANDY of Amarillo - I am praying for you and your wife as you travel to Ft. Lauderdale to celebrate your 15th anniversary. I pray that the Lord will give you safety in your travels, and bless you both with a wonderful time there! I am also praying that He will bless you with good health and terrific weather, too. I am praising the Lord with you that your son has started a Bible study at his job! I pray that He will bless that gathering, and this will be a testimony to others at his place of employment. * RAYNARD - I am praying for the gentleman at your work who just returned from 12 weeks of family leave, and whose wife has stage 4 cancer. I pray that her treatments will be effective, and the Lord will bring her complete healing. I pray that He will uphold your co-worker with His peace and strength. I am also praying that He will keep your job safe and secure during this time of massive layoffs, and that you will continue to be His light and witness there.
GEORGE of Virginia Beach - I am continuing in prayer for your wife’s niece, Shannon. I pray that her emergency brain surgery goes/went well, and that she will have a full recovery. I pray for wisdom for her doctors, that they will pinpoint the cause of her headaches and any other concerns, and that this can be easily and effectively treated. * DAN - I am praying that the Lord will give you the strength you need to do the heavy work of preparing the meals for the Kairos weekend. I pray that the Holy Spirit will be moving in the hearts and minds of the men in prison who attend, and that many life-changing decisions will be made. I also pray for special blessings on you and all those who are working on the teams.
JK - I am praising the Lord with you that baby Langdon was released from the hospital on Thursday, and I pray that the Lord will continue to bring him full healing. I pray that He will also bless his parents, and give them the peace, strength and wisdom they need as they continue his care at home. * KATHY of Canal Winchester - I pray that everything went well with your meeting yesterday with the auditors and manager regarding the failed call. I pray that the Lord moved upon them to be understanding of that incident, and that it won’t reflect poorly on your record. I am especially praying that the Lord will open up some other job opportunity for you, and that you will be able to leave this position with all of its stress and long, inconvenient hours.
CHERIE of Inverness, FL - I am praising the Lord for the good report you got back from the eye doctor yesterday, and that he was able to get all of the hole filled in! I pray that the Lord will continue to bring you healing with your eyesight, and that you will continue to have a full recovery and restored eyesight. * EDD of Ocala, FL - I am in prayer for you today as you have your hip surgery. I pray that the Lord will guide the hands of the doctor, that all goes well, and the surgery is a success. I am praying that all physical therapy afterwards goes well, and that you will have a quick and complete recovery.
MICHAEL of Lindendale, TX - I am praying for your granddaughter, Violet, that the Lord will bring her healing from the medical issues she has. I pray that the doctors will be able to insert another central line, and that all will work well. I pray that the Lord also brings healing for the abscess that developed by her gastric tube. I pray that the Lord brings her health and that she will grow and thrive. Praying also for peace and strength for both of her parents. * CRAIG of Wanchese, NC - I am praying for you and all the friends and family of Pastor Augustine, whose funeral is this morning. I pray that the Lord will bless them all with peace and comfort. I am also praying that He will send them another strong man of faith to lead that church and the other ministries that he was involved in. I pray that the Lord will keep you safe and give you travel mercies when you return home.
HEIDI of Woodstock, IL. - I am holding you and your family in prayer as your brother’s 52 year old son was found dead recently. I pray that the Lord will bring your family peace and comfort to the family during this difficult time. * GEORGINE of Italy - It was good to see your posting yesterday. I had been worried about you when you stopped posting for awhile. I am holding you in prayer, that the Lord will bring you complete healing from the pancreatitis, and that everything goes well while they have you under observation while you are at home, and that you will get a good report back when you return to the doctor on the 29th. I am praying that the Lord will give your doctors wisdom about whether to have your gallbladder removed or not.
BRIAN of Amarillo - I am praying for you and your wife, that the Lord will work everything out with the problems you are having with the IRS. I pray that He will work out this situation for your good, and that you will not have to owe any large penalty. I pray that the Lord will provide for you in a special way with this. * TOMMIE of Dayton, TN - I continue to hold you in prayer each day, that the Lord will bring you healing from your health issues, and that He will give your doctors wisdom to know which types of treatment will be most effective for you. I pray that the tests you will have later this month will bring you good news this time. I am joining you in prayer for the families of those who were killed and injured in the serious car accident that was on the highway right before you went through that area. I am also continuing in prayer for your friend’s husband who was transferred to the hospital where you used to work. I pray that the Lord brings him ongoing healing, and that he will do well with the physical and speech therapy he has.
MARY HELEN of Indiana, PA - I am continuing in prayer for your daughter-in-law, Anna. I pray that she will do well at this new job with the hospital, and the Lord will bless her with good success there. I pray that He will also bless her with peace, and bring healing to her anxiety issues. I pray that throughout all she will draw closer to the Lord, and put her faith and trust in Him.
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted February 05, 2016 at 10:04PM CST
Comment by Georgine

Good morning everyone. Thank you Karen for the devotional this morning, the verse in James about the tongue has always struck me as so true. Unfortunately I am quick tempered and I have to keep a constant check on my tongue and my actions in the heat of the moment.
As Paul says in Romans 7v 18-20,
 " For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the willing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not. For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want. But if I am doing the very thing I do not want, I am no longer the one doing it, but sin which dwells in me.…"

Thank you for all the prayers for me and suggestions
Georgine, Arqua Petrrca, Italy

Posted February 06, 2016 at 02:11AM CST
Comment by Don of Ozark, MO

Good morning to all of you, my friends. Karen, we welcome you to the UR family and thank you for your devotional contribution and additional throuhts. Yes, we all do have our times when we are annoyed by the words and/or actions of others.It is up to each of us how we handle such situations. The best way to handle such situations is to be calm and consider what led to the actions that cause us to become upset. Sometimes someone might simply be having a rough time doing their job or having a rough time expressing themselves. I recall one time when I was working with a man from Mexico and decided to explain something to him using his language. I mispronounced a word and ended up calling him a very uncomplimentary name. He laughed and asked me what I was trying to tell him, in English. I told him and he explained that I used the wrong word that I should have said it another way. Once I saw my error, I apologized to him but he said that that was unnecessary since I did not intend to call him a name. Praise the Lord that my co-worker was so understanding. Tommie, I continue to pray for healing for you and I thank the Lord that you were not involved in the accident on the highway. My condolences to the families who had loved ones either injured or killed. Sarah, I pray for better days for you and your children. Trust in the Lord. He will see through the tough times. Raynard, I am glad to hear that you still have your job and I pray that who have lost their jobs will soon find another place to work. Kathy, I pray that you will soon find a better job. Those at telemarketing firms simply do not realize that many cannot afford to make purchases at this time due to the current economic depression. The lack of a sale by a telemarketer does not really mean that they are doing a bad job. I pray for all of you on this page, that your needs are met. May the Lord bless us all and keep us safe. Praise the Lord!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 02:36AM CST
Comment by Marc of Monroe, NY

For the wrath of man worketh not the righteousness of God. (KJV)
for your anger does not produce God’s righteousness. (NRSV)
This is because an angry person doesn’t produce God’s righteousness. (CEB)
for the anger of man does not achieve the righteousness of God. (NASB)
Human anger does not produce the righteousness God desires. (NLT)

Posted February 06, 2016 at 03:47AM CST
Comment by Lydia of Cumming, GA

Karen, what an important message. Thank you for your devotional and for sharing your experiences. It's not easy to accept that we were wrong and to ask for forgiveness. There are so many lessons to learn today. An inspiring writing. May the Lord continue guiding our walk with him every day.
Speak to my heart, Holy Spirit
Give me the words that will bring new life
Words on the wings of a morning,
the dark night will fade away
If You speak to my heart now
Speak to my heart, Holy Spirit
Message of love, love to encourage me
Lifting my heart from despair,
how You love, love me, and care for me
Speak to my heart now, oh Lord
Speak to my heart, that's what I want You to do
Speak to my heart, 'cause I'm waiting to hear from You
Speak to my heart, that's what I want You to do
Speak to my heart
Speak to my heart, Lord, give me Your holy word
If I can hear from You, then I'll know what to do
I won't go alone, never go on my own
Just let Your spirit guide and let Your word abide, say
by Donnie McClurking. © PEERMUSIC PUBLISHING

Posted February 06, 2016 at 04:07AM CST
Comment by Craig of Wanchese, NC

Good morning all once again from Haiti. It is a cool morning this morning, but rather nice (can still be in shorts and T-shirt). Well, today's the day of the funeral. I think I'm kind of nervous about it. They all know I'm here, and all of them asked if I would come, but it makes me a little nervous to go to the funeral. I guess it's the uncertainty of exactly what it will be like. I think because it starts at 7 and goes to 10:30, just makes me a little uneasy. Not to mention the language barrier. Several of my friends down here say they will be there with me.
GEORGE - I hope all is well with your niece. Chetty had brain surgery at Duke back in '95 and has done well with it.
Have a Blessed Day!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 04:52AM CST
Comment by monte of laughlintown, PA

Thank you, Karen, for sharing such an important message. I appreciated your words, 'I could have simply started asking God to bless him, which might have changed my perspective on the situation.' I continually try to remind myself that prayer is about interacting with God in expectation that God will change me--it might be a healing or meeting some special need, but more importantly giving me an attitude adjustment for my journey.
Your scripture choice is most challenging to those of us that spend time preaching and teaching. It isn't just harsh words we may say, but those small opinions about the scriptures we are dealing with and the suggested responses to God's Word. We need much prayer with regard to 'tongue-management.' And we should never believe that we have mastered our tongues.
Prayers for all in the UR family and those they lift up for prayer. May we all be blessed with open hearts and minds as the Holy Spirit touches our very beings. The steadfast love of God endures forever.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:22AM CST
Comment by George of Virginia Beach, VA

Karen, thank you for the reading, once those words come out they cannot be taken back, I have always been what I call quick witted, but I am sure my comments sometimes hurt others feelings so I need to be careful what I say. My wife's niece Shannon got as good of news as could be expected. The neurologist said there was very little bleeding on her brain so rather than doing surgery they will just monitor it for now. Thank you so much for your prayers. Joe, as always you captured the essence of the author's comments. Sarah, continued prayers that you Albert, and Lucy's needs are met, and praying your book gets published. Kathy, praying all went well at work and you get a schedule or job that allows you to participate more in church. Dan, praying all went well yesterday and you were able to get rest. JK, great news about baby Langdon, I can picture that big smile, children are so resilient, probably because they are more trusting than we are. Edd, praying for your hip surgery. Michael, praying for little Violet and her family. Heidi, praying for your brother's family as his 52 year old son was found dead. Georgine, glad to see your post, you have been missed. Praying your health issues are resolved. Brian, praying your IRS problems are resolved, and prayers for your wife as she starts a new job. Cherie, great news about your eye exam, and praises Ron has been able to care for you. Randy, continued prayers for healing for your eyes, and happy 15th anniversary and travel mercies for you and your wife. Praises for all needs met, and prayers for all needs spoken or unspoken. Have a blessed day!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:25AM CST
Comment by chris of Myerstown, PA

Good morning Karen and thank you for your devotion today. It seems like I have just wrote something about blessings the other day. Praise God that you were able to reconcile your working relationship with your co-worker.
 The best thing you could have done was to bless your co-worker, when things became an issue, but its called hindsight for a reason. As I wrote before, blessing someone is to invoke the presence of the Lord upon a person. Jesus said to bless your enemies, and not curse those who offend or use you despitefully. There is a good reason for this, not just because it is nice.
      Every person on the planet is an expression of God, although the great majority have ignored or buried the Lord deep inside. Men especially, hide their true feelings as a defense mechanism, Lord forbid we might be thought of as weak before others. As women became more involved in careers, they too have had to adopt these tactics. The Bible says we shouldn't think of ourselves as better than anyone else. If God dwells within you, (He does) then He is within everyone else to greater or lesser form of expression.
  Your blessing someone speaks to the good (God), within that person calling Him to the surface. This forms the start of a connection between the Christ in you and the Christ in what is currently perceived as your enemy. I can do all things through Christ whom strengthens me. Christ needs faith to work. By blessing someone, you are showing Faith in Him who is within you, as well as Him who is within your perceived enemy.
                 Now a little bit about cursing someone. If you call someone a bad name or in some other way degrade him, especially in front of others, it hurts. Think when it has happened to you, does not the sting of the words play over and over in your mind, On The Surface! I am certain no Godly thoughts arise to mind, after being humiliated or cursed. You want vengeance!
    I have recently started blessing everyone from family to the people I work with. Do I miss someone or curse at some in a state of emotion, yeah I do. The point is to replace my habit of cursing, grumbling, and grouching with blessings. May God bless you Karen and your family. God bless you all!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:38AM CST
Comment by Edd of Ocala, FL

Good morning to all the UR Family may God continue to bless us all. Praise the Lord!!! Karen thanks for the Scripture and your devotional. I too have a problem with the tongue and I usually raise the volume and most of the time it's out of fear. Like yesterday when Zeke stepped on a toy car and cut his toe. I needed a bandaid and we couldn't find one quick enough for me. It was one of those moments I forgot who was in charge. When I called down and remembered who was in charge we got a bandaid on it by putting one on my finger. Of course I had to apologize to my wife for raising my voice. Long time since I yelled at a loved one. I guess it was because it was Zeke's first cut. 12 noon check in then surgery shortly thereafter. It's in God's hands now. Praying for all on Sarah's list and the entire UR Family to have a day filled with God's love and healing. God is Love!!! Edd of Ocala, FL.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:42AM CST
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

Karen, thank you for this devotion, and for challenging us to review the relationships we have in our lives; particularly those which may be building to a confrontation. I had two situations which during the course of my ~45 year work life which were in this place, but because I am passive aggressive, I steeped about them. Further, since I did not become a person of faith until age 45, I handled one of them poorly and the other one was amazing; with God's help throughout my life. As it turned out, both of these situations turned out OK, but earlier in my life I could have gotten in serious trouble; God chose for me not to go down that path.
  During the course of my second confrontation, a situation very nearly cost me my job. With the help and consultation of my friend, fellow Christian and office mate, and because we were in a remote location and I did not have to confront the man in person when my anger was out of control, I had the chance to turn it around. It was the scripture in proverbs about heaping coals on the head of our enemies, by being kind that worked. By praying for the man, and making an effort to be kind to him, which no one had ever done (apparently), he became a new person. Myself, and others who knew how I chose to handle his horrific assault on my character, were amazed at his response, and I came to sincerely like him. In a way, I came to understand why he had been like that for so many years. I no longer carry a burden for either situation, but my earlier conduct is an example I will never forget, when I consider how 'good' or what a 'victim' I had been earlier in life. Praise God for reconciliations!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:50AM CST
Comment by Jimmie of Chester, VA

Good morning to all. Happy Saturday! Thanks for your devotional, Karen. Thanks for your comments, Joe.
    Happy birthday and anniversary to everyone celebrating on February 6, 2016. "With God, all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26).

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:56AM CST
Comment by Suzanne of Arlington, VA

Good morning UR family and thank you KAREN for the important devotional. It is so easy to get worked up about something, especially when feeling wronged. This is an area where I need a lot of improvement. Thanks to you and the previous commenters on ways to improve our behaviors.

Prayers for the many requests and especially for Tommie today.

Thanks for my safe work travel earlier this week. Plus added bonuses of both flights to and from arrived early.

Prayers for a great day everyone! ☀️

Posted February 06, 2016 at 05:57AM CST
Comment by Bob of Guyton, GA

Thanks Karen. Too often I find myself saying, "Oops! There went another opportunity to keep my mouth shut." I have learned that every time I am angry there is something wrong with me. But controlling the tongue is difficult.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 06:09AM CST
Comment by raynard of newark, DE

Good Morning U.R Family. Thank you Karen for your devotional.'CLUNK! OUCH!. A " Wet Smelly fish upside my head " Here we go round the mulberry bush, the mulberry bush. Here we go round the mulberry bush" so early in the morning".. I digress.. On my job, " we have have " more drama" like those 2 old T.V Shows combined" Soap'& Payton Place".. One girl on the job made the comment about the people you see in Wally World err Walmart and the town she grew up in. I was like" ( in my head) is that a baby rattle I hear or a " rattle snake? I digress.. Had a long conversation with my first cousin about the conference call the other night." I let him" exhale and I did the same. The conversation ended with us talking sports.. Before we" trying to figure it out on our own, " 2 Do the" listen to people say" you aint got enough faith 3 Jesus is going to " pop out of a bottle wearing a pair of parashute pants , 4" More church, more bible thing, God will direct you to new things and new ways. We get " caught up in" comfortable and" stuckness".. When Jesus told Peter to" step out of the boat,was Peter " looking over Jesus's shoulder " as The Coast Guard Helicopter was lowering that little basket they use to" rescue people" ? Knowing how I got here and where I came from has"helped me help others".. If you " continue to sweep it under the rug, " someone's going to trip and fall and get hurt. ( Might be that " elephant in the room with al the peanut shells on the floor who " isnt potty trained".. I digress lol.. Prayers going out to each and every spoken and unspoken request. Be blessed and encouraged everyone and have a great day..

Posted February 06, 2016 at 06:15AM CST
Comment by Marilyn of Yukon, OK

This area of our lives has caused more heartache than any other and Karen you are so correct in your desire to correct it but it's so very hard to do. Currently I'm wrestling with anger toward my SIL as my daughter calls me to vent when they have an argument and they are both hot headed. We are very close but I'm finding it increasingly difficult to refrain from venting my feelings to his face. I pray for wisdom to control myself. I pray for all of you that you will be safe and well.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 06:16AM CST
Comment by jeff of albemarle, NC

Thank you Karen for your lesson today! I too find it hard to control my tongue at times and thoughts, thanks again for sharing.

Edd you are in my prayers always and may peace be with you and your family right now!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 06:43AM CST
Comment by Janet of Johnstown, PA

Thank you, Karen for your devotional. Like so many others, "been there, done that". One of my coworkers and I barely got along, we had a very heated discussion, almost a drag out, knock down fight. After that I realized I had to put the conflict in God's hands. Each day during my morning devotional, I prayed for patience, forgiveness, and a way to just get along. Well, it must have worked for us because for the rest of our working career, we got along well and even began to like each other. We are both retired now but go to the same church so we still keep in contact. From this I really learned the lesson that nothing is impossible with God and to always go to Him with my concerns.
Blessings to all.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 06:46AM CST
Comment by Brent of West Monroe, LA

Good morning everyone and thank you Karen for your devotional today. At times I get angry and may say something that I regret. After the anger subsidies I know I have done wrong and seek forgiveness. May I be quick to love and slow to anger. Have a great weekend. Be Safe and God Bless.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:13AM CST
Comment by Joe

Monte, 'tongue-management.' sounds like a mandatory course all schools should have. Would be a more friendly society. Start it in kindergarten, make it mandatory like other necessary courses all the way to and through graduate school.
Thank you, George. You are a constant, relevant commenter. Praying for you and your wife's niece. Wait and see is usually a good idea when direction to go isn't obvious.
Thank you, Jimmie. Does February 6, 2016 happen to be your birthday?

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:19AM CST
Comment by Mike of Sanibel, FL

I believe the majority of us have "engaged our mouths before our brain" as my dad use to say. I do believe now in my life I am doing much better with Gods help.
Update... my wife's lymph node biopsy went well with pathology results mid next week. The surgeon said it seemed unimpressive, but we will know soon. She is recovering well... THANKS for all the prayers.
Prayers for all the above and praise God for all answered prayers!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:22AM CST
Comment by JK

Good morning all. Karen this scripture is so very convicting. I have gotten better and usually only "mutter and sputter" in the car when I am alone, but the tongue is indeed a "double-edged" sword. Like Dan I have had to think about the "heaping of burning coals" and even gave those verses to my husband to meditate on during the most stressful times of his job. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Prayers for all as requested and those unspoken as well.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:35AM CST
Comment by Kathy of Canal Winchester, OH

Good Morning UR family, Karen, thank you for your devotional today. It is my thoughts I need to work on. Mike, Just like you; I am keeping my mouth shut with the Lord's help! Joe, spot on comment today. Tommie, I am praying that all goes well with your appointments. I am sorry about the highway travel. That is me every morning. Traffic accidents every morning:( Sarah, praying for you and your family and your finances. I prayed extra for you yesterday. Heidi, I am keeping your family in prayer. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your nephew. George, Keeping Shannon in prayer. I am also keeping you and Bethanne in prayer. Chris, loved your comment. How is Myerstown these days? My parent used to live in Mt Aetna. Cherie, continued prayers for your recovery. How is Ron? Merry, keeping you and your family in prayer. Today it is nice so Amber and I will go for a long walk!!! She has a Valentine's day party coming up this week!!! She has more of a social life than I do:) Edd, I am sending special prayers for you today. Raynard, I am praying for you. Loved your comment this morning. Lydia, thank you for your song selection today. I have been asking the Lord to speak to me all this week. My prayers today are for all spoken and unspoken needs.
My failed call was reversed so I did get my pointes back. PTL! I will just be more careful. We are all on pins and needles. Thank you all for your prayers. Blessings to all this beautiful, sunny Saturday!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:52AM CST
Comment by Jay of Fort Myers, FL

Kill him with kindness.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:53AM CST
Comment by Peggy of Atlanta, GA

Karen, I so appreciate your honesty in your devotional. We all have things we have done (or said) - or even left undone - that we need to turn to God again and again. You were persistent! Too often we want to "hide" our mistakes and just hope that they go away. Your concern for "humankind" in general and for this coworker came through in your story. You were willing to keep turning to God for forgiveness and for blessing for this coworker. (And, yes, grandsons are wonderful!)

Edd, so happy that you are / have had your hip surgery. I have had two replacements and LOVE my hips. I am very active and am in no pain. The best thing I did for myself. I know God is seeing you through this - and I know all are praying for you!

I am in SC for a special Lenten retreat being led by a former Archbishop of Canterbury. May God speak to me as I being the journey. Thanks be to God!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 07:56AM CST
Comment by James of Fayetteville, GA

The only person I can change is me. Where change is necessary in others and God has revealed it to us, we simply must let God handle the situation. Usually when God shows us something, He also reveals the role, if any that we are to play. My SIL (the S is for sister) has been angry at me for 5+ years because she got caught in a lie on me and cannot or refuses to walk the path of salvation regarding the issue. I forgave her immediately and treated her with civility, which she has rejected. She only speaks to me with anger and resentment, to which, so far, I have not responded.The Lord revealed her character to me some time before this incident and told me my role in the situation. I have been obedient and continue to trust God to work out the problem of her hard hearted character. Even in the face of personal adversity, she continues down the same path. My wife, who is also the brunt of her anger, and I pray for her, and her caregivers, who suffer because of her adverse personality, continually. The saving grace in this situation is that God is at work and we can trust that according to His will, it will be worked out. Some prayers we see answered guickly, while others we may never see the results for which we are looking. God always knows what He is doing. In that we can have faith and rejoice. Thank you Karen Jean for this spirit filled devotional. Talking to God and in forums like The Upper Room are the best places to vent our frustrations with self centered unfair people. Even dealing with the physically, emotionally and spiritually infirmed, we can become frustrated. Sharing our experiences helps us as well as others.

May the Grace of God abound in the lives of all and, May we all, saved and unsaved, come to the knowledge that salvation is a way of life not just a one time event that gives us any greater authority over another. No matter the role we play in God's Kingdom, in His eyes we are of equal importance, for we have all sinned and come short of the Glory of God. Praise God in Jesus' name. Amen.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:04AM CST
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

Good morning UR family and thank you Karen for the devotional and blog. I really needed this today. I sad a few hurtful things to Ron Thursday. The bed slats fell out and I had to help him put screws in the rails to keep it up. I was afraid of lifting and bending and wanted to leave it until someone could help us and he didn't. I am sorry and ashamed to say I let him have it!! I was so ashamed later and asked for forgiveness, but he is still hurt. I know he is bothered by asking for help now that he is unable to have the strength he once had. I ask for prayers for this situation.
Edd, will be praying for you as you go into surgery and rehab. Kisses to Zeke and love to you and Patti.
Georgine, happy to see you again in the chapel. I will be praying for your healing.
Kathy, have a beautiful weekend and forget about that job for the day! It will be there when you have to return. I am praying mightily for you to find a better job. Love to you, sister. Kisses to the furry family!! Hug them a bunch and you will feel better for sure!
Dan, I am praying the Kairos weekend is filled with love and blessings. I appreciate all that you are doing for the prisoners in your state. Love to you, brother.
Chris, thank you for your comments today. That has helped me a lot to see the Christ in others.
Everyone have a beautiful day! Love and Light

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:09AM CST
Comment by Lydia of Atlanta, GA

What a message! I suppose over 95% of us can relate to it on a very personal level. Been there, done that. Then there are others who hold it in to their detriment. Either way, Karen's words ring true. Bless and release, we will honor God and He will do the rest. I have someone now who I need to bless and release.

Thank you again for a wonderful selection, Lydia!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:29AM CST
Comment by patricia of laurelton, NY

God sure is love and will see you through your surgery, Edd of Ocala. Goodmorning all and thanks Karen for this devotion about the tongue. Growing up I often heard that when you are angry put water in your mouth it will prevent you from speaking, because once said it cannot be 'unsaid'. It is only by the Grace of God that we can hold our tongue.My sympathies to the family who lost a 52 year old man. Praying for all requests on Sarah's list. Praises for baby Langdon. Sarah lifting you, Lucy and Albert up before God's throne. A very blessed and lovely weekend everyone.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:30AM CST
Comment by Laura

Karen - bless you and this devotional! Thank you! It is timely as I deal with anger towards myself and confusion/lack of understanding towards what God has faced me with. I focus on 'bless'.
Blessings and love!!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:39AM CST
Comment by Louise

Good Morning UR Family. This reminds me of the story about a father that made his son put nails into a fence. When he was done he had him remove the nails. There was a hole left behind. When you say things your words are like the nails, you can ask to take your words back but they still leave their mark. I pray, Set a guard, O Lord, over my mouth; Keep watch over the door of my lips. Psalm 141:3
Have a blessed day!!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:53AM CST
Comment by Randy of Amarillo , TX

Edd- I awoke last night and you came to mind. So I started praying for you but drifted back to sleep. I will continue to for your surgery and quick recovery.
Cheery Cherie-I think I made a mistake the other night when I posted. I meant to welcome you back instead of Judee. I make enough mistakes anyway and shouldn't be posting with low blood sugar. Praise God for your successful surgery and am praying for a quick healing. Seems like the eye heals fairly quickly. I think that mine is just an unique case. They can't use lasers in one area.
My friend is here so have to go. God bless each of you with all of His best. I'm praying for all of you, and appreciate and can tell the difference your prayers have made in my life.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 08:59AM CST
Comment by Joseph of Mustang, OK

Karen, a timely message. I am going through a similar situation at work right now. Please pray for me.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 09:33AM CST
Comment by gloria

Ty so much for a timely reminder! I'm saving this one to reread daily this week! I don't usually request prayers but welcome them now for my sil who reinjured a neck whiplash injury on Thurs and hit her head against brick wall, all due to new sneakers and trying to hold onto a puppy. I am helping w farm chores so need to end here but w ck for other prayer requests this afternoon! Many thanks!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 09:43AM CST
Comment by julie of Delray Beach, FL

 Good morning UR family and thank you Karen for the devotional. I tend to bottle things up and then explode unfortunately it is usually at my family. Although I have learned that by lettign go and letting God handle it it is much better. I have ad coworkers that I couldn't get along with. This one co-worker and I butted heads all of the time. Lately we are working out our problems as they come along. I PTL for that.
JK-Keeping baby Landon in prayer.
Praying for the family that lost their 52 year old man suddenly.
Edd_praying all goes well with your surgery today and that you will be back to playing golf very soon.
Sarah_ Praying that your book does well and I can't wait for it to be published. I would love to read it. Keeping you, Lucy and Albert in my prayers.
Praying for all in the wake of storms ( snow or rain).
Praying for all on the list spoken or not.
Have a great day UR family.
* Thank you all who are continuing to pray that my low white blood cell count bounces back to normal. Also Thank you for praying for my dad . He is starting to be more sociable and he is in the process, getting rid of things and renovating the whole house. I PTL for that.!!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 09:55AM CST
Comment by Willis of Jacksonville, FL

Good Morning UR Family: KAREN--thanks for the devotional. Since I came back to the LORD I have done a much better job of bridling my tongue. But still need to be aware of it and exercise control.
GEORGINE---I had pancreatitis about 14 yrs ago, spent 8 days in the hospital. The pain was almost unbearable and they wouldn't let me have anything to eat or drink for 7 days, then they gave me ice chips on the 8th day (the day they released me). Glad your bout with it is over. Praying that it will not come back.
EDD--praying for you as you should just be checking in for your surgery. GOD will bless you and will guide the Surgeon's hands and the OR staff also.
Praying for all needs expressed and unspoken.
Praying for all Christians around the world that are being persecuted.
Praying for my wife JONE, even tho she is better--the Dr. does not know what caused her dizziness.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 11:02AM CST
Comment by Karen

Good morning. Thank you all for the kind words and your great advice. Sounds like many of you are mastering this area.
Tommie: I have had recent issues that required seeing a pulmonologist and gastroenterologist. the fundoplication is simply wrapping the top part of your stomach around your esophagus to prevent stomach acid from going back up to your throat. A friend had this done and is very happy with the results. Lord, give the doctors wisdom on what is best for Tommie.
Joseph. I will pray as you deal with a similar situation at work.
Thank you all for sharing your experiences and your needs. I will pray for you today.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 11:21AM CST
Comment by Randy of Amarillo , TX

This is a selfish and trivial prayer request, but I would really like to walk on the beach and get my feet wet with salt water. My toe has still not healed all the way. Would you guys pray that I will be able to do this? Thank you. God bless you.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 11:40AM CST
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

Randy, thank you for your kind words. I have been praying for your eye problems and diabetes. Love to you, brother.
Gloria, I am praying for your sil who hit her head. Love to you, sister.
Willis, praying for Jone to find out what is causing her high blood pressure and dizziness. Love to you both!!
Julie, continuing to pray for your white blood count to improve. Also, glad to hear such an improvement in your dad. He seems to be feeling better emotionally. Love to you and all the family.
Joseph, I have you in my prayers for the situation at work. May Christ heal the problem.
Karen, so happy to hear from the devotional authors!! Come join our loving chapel!! Love to you, sister.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 11:44AM CST
Comment by Bonnie of Wilmington, DE

Sarah, I admire your courage and generosity to share your struggles in your faith journey with us! I resonate with much of what you share and it challenges me to dig deeper in growing my faith. I highly recommend checking out any of Brene Brown's books. Her work has blessed me beyond measure since I opened her book "The Gifts of Imperfection" after Christmas. I jumped into her online course that started Jan 11th and focuses on her books "Daring Greatly" and "Rising Strong".
Come to think of it, I found her work when I checked out the book "Help, Thanks, Wow" recommended from several in the UR Cyber Chapel. My United Methodist Women's Circle will be using "Help, Thanks, Wow" for its retreat in April. Thank you UR Cyber Family for blessing my faith journey!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 12:50PM CST
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

Randy, I will have you in my thoughts and prayers so you will be able to once again tip your toes in the beautiful ocean!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:00PM CST
Comment by Elias of La Palma, CA

Karen Jean Dorsey: Thank you for your devotional today. I'm going to share with you how God helped me to deal with a similar problem. Back in the 1970s, I was working, in Sales, for a major corporation. There was a secretary from a different department who was typing all of our Sales Proposals. She had a very nasty attitude toward me and gave me hassles at every turn. With each time that I went to her, my anger grew, but I didn't say anything even though I knew that I could probably get her in trouble with her boss if I wanted to.
I also happened to be working, voluntarily, as the editor of our company's Newsletter. As the Christmas season came around, I decided to buy each of the secretaries, that were also working voluntarily with me on the Newsletter, a nice necklace (I was making very good money at the time). As I went to pick out the necklaces, God asked me, "Why don't you buy one for her, too?(Referring to the secretary that was causing all this anger), and I thought, sure why not.
I had one of the secretaries give her the necklace for me just before we went on Christmas vacation, and long story short, for the next two years that I worked for that company, this secretary, which gave me all the hassles, could not do enough for me every time I came to her with a Sales Proposal.
God said to me, "Can you see now what LOVE will do, when YOU GIVE without REQUIRING In Return? And so, I say to you, Karen, GIVING in LOVE is the best way to handle anger issues as well as Forgiving.
LOVE is the BEST way to disarm anger in any situation!
Cherie Of Inverness: I don't understand your comment to me yesterday. Did I go somewhere? Why did you miss me? I've posted, with a couple of exceptions, everyday for the last three years. Anyway, thank you for missing me!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:23PM CST
Comment by Terry of Dublin, OH

Thanks Karen for your message and reminding us that we do need to think before we speak but so few of us follow that rule. Controlling our temper and associated words is flaw we must try to do better at in the future. As far as those who mistreat or act badly towards us or our love ones Agree, the more we pray for the them the lower the wall gets between us and them. Hopefully the wall gets low enough so we can have a better relationship with in the future. If not then prayers never hurt anyone and is a win/win proposition
I pray for to have better constraint of their tounge and words and to work at tearing down the walls between us and those whom we seem to disagree

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:24PM CST
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

BITNO Yeshu'a!
Good Sabbath afternoon UR Family... it is a partly sunny day... I'll take what I can get... setting by my window looking out at the trees and sky... needing sunshine like I need Sonshine today....
Karen Jean Dorsey (Oregon, USA)­, thank you for the scripture... one in particular caught my attention that I had never registered in my brain before... 3:2 "For all of us make many mistakes. Anyone who makes no mistakes in speaking is perfect, able to keep the whole body in check with a bridle." For ALL OF US MAKE MANY MISTAKES.... somehow that just never sank in before... I know it is speaking to preachers and teachers... but aren't we all teachers who have learned and grown and share what we've learned with others? And don't we all interpret The Word in ways that seem to be in tune with where we are in our spiritual growth and when we grow/learn better we do better? I know that things I thought I understood as truth 20-30 years ago are completely different now... as I've grown closer to God and continued to ask Him for wisdom and knowledge and understanding without interference from the evil one, to me learning His truth, I have gotten so much closer to Him, developed a heart for His land Israel, and have come to see things differently. "1 Co 13:11
When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child; when I became a man, I gave up childish ways." RSV Just 'thinking out loud'.
Thank you for the devotional also. I doubt there is a soul out there who hasn't done the same thing a time or two at least... emotions are hard things to deal with sometimes... yesterday was an emotional day for me... and it didn't take but one snappy word from Elizabeth to tip me over into the barrel of tears. I knew she was frustrated at herself for not having things ready for their tax man who was due to arrive in a few minutes and not frustrated with me, I just happened to be the one who spoke to her and she snapped because I broke her train of thought... of course she later came and apologized, we held each other and cried a bit... and we're all good now... it's just that there are so many other things going on in our lives right now besides my daughter living with cancer and the regiment of chemo and medications and raising a teenage daughter and another in college and a husband who is checking into retiring soon... and they have their house on the market also... I also am missing my other daughter, Tammy, and my son, Rick in KY... and my house as of today, barring something found during inspection this afternoon, will be pending on sale... and the buyer wants to take occupancy by Feb. 26, paying me a months rent equal to my mortgage payment above and beyond the agreed price of the house... they will transfer the utilities to their name, closing will be March 31st, as it stands right now. So I will need to go back to KY in a week or so to clear out the house and put stuff in storage.... and I'll need to 'float' around between friends to stay till the closing date... I've got two friends already who are planning on having me stay for a bit at their place... but 5-6 weeks is a long time and I don't want to wear my welcome out... I'm sure as I tell more of my friends what's going on I will get more offers for a place for a few days.
But... the point is, life makes our emotions go up and down... and sometimes it only takes one word to cause harm or healing.
Tommie of Dayton, TN, praise God you were not involved in the wrecks that happened on the highway to your home. And yes, prayers for the victims and families.
We are all so blessed... to have The Lord who will guide us as to our words, if we but ask.
We are all so blessed... to be able to find courage to apologize and repair damage done when harsh words come from our mouths.
We are all so blessed... to have The God Who provides... even courage... for us.
Cyber hugs {{{ :-) }}} to all who enter this Cyber Chapel. We are all so loved... that He gave His Only Son, not just for us but for all... even the ones who speak ill of or to us.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:41PM CST
Comment by cherie of Inverness, FL

Elias, dear brother, I am the one who was missing!!! I missed being able to read your comments each day! Sorry for the mix up! Love you brother!!!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:46PM CST
Comment by chris of Myerstown, PA

Cherie thank you for your kind words and glad you're back! I missed your contagious joy and enthusiasm! May God bless you and Ron.
 Kathy glad you liked my comments. If people would only realize that Christ is within themselves and everyone else, regardless of religion, or lack of religion, race, gender, etc.
   Myerstown is probably the same as when you knew it, mostly quiet and unassuming.
 God bless you Kathy and your furry friends, as well as your family.
  Edd God bless you as you go through surgery.
  Randy Jesus said ask anything. God doesn't see it as selfish asking, because He has given all of us the right to approach the throne! If you don't have, its because you haven't asked in belief.
 May God bless you Randy the desire of your heart!

Posted February 06, 2016 at 01:55PM CST
Comment by packia of New York, NY

Just testing

Posted February 06, 2016 at 02:10PM CST
Comment by Heidi of Woodstock, IL

Good afternoon UR family. Thank you Kareb for your devotional. Nice picture of your grandson. Thanks for sharing.
Have been guilty over the years with loosing my temper. Happy for you Karen your situation was repaired.
SARAH, praying for you and your family. I am in line for the book signing.
KATHY hope you have a very nice day off, enjoy.
ED praying for successful surgery and return to the links.
JULIE praying for your health , and your dad.
MIKE prayers for your wife and clean biopsy.
CHERRIE keeping you and Ron in prayer. He's feelings are hurt, he will forgive you.
Prayers for all requests today.
Thank you for you prayers about my nephews death in Germany.
Blessings to all.

Posted February 06, 2016 at 04:23PM CST
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