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A Homesick Scout

Sunday, February 1st, 2015

Read John 13:34-35

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Beloved, since God loved us so much, we also ought to love one another.

- 1 John 4:11 (NRSV)

I remember one year at Cub Scout summer camp we had a boy who wanted to go home. We were only one day into the week-long camp, but this was his first time away from home. He missed his parents and was always trying to call them. With the help of camp staff and some older scouts, we managed to convince him to stay at least until Wednesday evening. The older scouts worked really hard to include him in every activity. By Wednesday he had forgotten all about going home.

At first this boy had no desire to be at camp. But the love, care, and outreach of the other scouts and adult leaders won him over.

God’s love for us is like what that boy experienced. God loved us even before we were born. Because of that love we come to know what love is and learn how to share it with all God’s people. After all, since God loves everyone how can we not try to do the same?

The Author

Jason Ponzio (Georgia, USA)

Thought for the Day

God’s love is abundant — and enough for us all.


Dear God, we thank you for your love. Help us try to love others as you love them. Amen.

Prayer focusYoung people planning to go to camp


Comment by Tommie of Dayton, TN

Homesickness can be one of the worst kinds of sickness. It can make a person ache all over. I'm glad the boy in the devotional was able to get over his and enjoy his time at camp.
My granddaughter goes to two camps every year--the one in her own area and then the one her mother attended when she was young. She's past the age of being homesick now but it was really hard at first.
I slept better last night and didn't dream once of style sheets!
Comment by adam of Dublin, OH
Good Morning God and UR family. What an honest and soul revealing appraisal the author today writes. I love his faithfulness and honesty about even at any age how it can be difficult. I too understand that place. I am told by now I should be in control, fear nothing and have answers to life' challenges, nothing could be further from the truth. That is why like the writer I spend so much time praying and crying out to the Lord. Today especially as I read the comments I am moved to understand what alcohol can do to a family and know many stories of God's redemption in lives like the author's. So today as I look to You I do so for the strength and love You give me everyday. I can't wait to see what today will be with You. Amazing I am sure. I love You.
Posted January 31, 2012 at 07:08AM CST
Comment by adam of Dublin, OH
Good Evening Lord and UR family tonight after spending an amazing day with You I await tonight for our time together. You are always there for me in every challenge and time of trouble. You give me the strength to get through the toughest of times. You tell me to wait for You and Your time and I will. I will rest tonight in Your arms and turn all of my cares and troubles over to You. I love You and wait to dream of You tonight.
Posted January 31, 2012 at 08:26PM CST

Posted January 31, 2015 at 10:24AM CST
Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Jason, for your devotional this morning. What a good example of godly Christian love that you and the older boy scouts showed to that young cub scout who was homesick. We are to love our brothers and sisters as God loved us. I’m glad that young boy felt that type of love when he really needed it, and that he ended up enjoying his week at camp.
JK - I am praying for you, that you will get a good couple of days rest, following the time that you spent as caregiver for your daughter, before you head back home. I pray that the Lord will renew your strength, and remove all stress. I pray that He will also give you a safe drive back home when you return. Continued prayers for your daughter’s further recovery. * EDD of Ocala, FL - I am praying for the family and friends of your friend and fellow golfer, Bob Simmons, who passed away on Friday. I pray that the Lord will uphold and bless his wife, Millie, as she is not in very good health, either. I pray that He will bring her and the family special comfort and peace, and that she has someone to help and care for her now that her husband has passed.
MICHAEL of Lindendale, TX - I am praying for your granddaughter, Violet, as she is back in the hospital, having an infection of the central IV line. I pray that the Lord will bring her healing, guiding her doctors to be able to clear that infection up easily with antibiotics. I am also praying that He will bring blessings to your team meeting for the upcoming Walk to Emmaus in March. And I’m praying for the lay director, Keith, who was just diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer, and also recently lost his mother. I pray that the Lord will bring him healing from this, and that the surgery he will have, following the Walk, will be effective in removing all cancer in his body.
ROGER of Huntsville, AL - I am praying for your parents as they need to sell their home due to their age, and move into the city. I pray that the Lord will provide just the right people to buy the house, and at the right price, and that He will provide them with just the perfect place to move into. I pray that He will give them the needed strength for this move, and fill them with His perfect peace. * MARSHA of Brownwood, TX - I pray that everything went wonderfully with the Gospel sing at your church last night, and that you sang beautifully. I am also praying for the Men’s Emmaus Walk, that the Lord will pour His Spirit and blessings upon all who participate.
PATRICIA - I am lifting your daughter in prayer, that the Lord will move upon her landlord to return to her the safety deposit she is owed. I pray that this will be done without her having to go to small claims court. If she does, I pray that the Lord will work it out so that she might have the time available where there will be little loss to her student’s needs. * JULIE of Delray Beach, FL - I am praying that both you and your mother will receive back good reports for the medical tests you each had done - your mother’s MRI and your blood work tests. I pray that everything is fine, and that the Lord will continue to bring you both good health.
Prayers for all those who are in the path of this latest winter storm. Here in Chicago we are to get quite a bit by Monday morning.
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted January 31, 2015 at 10:16PM CST
Comment by Jackie of San Antonio, TX

Good morning UR family. Jason, thanks for sharing with us about the young boy who became home while at camp. I remember I went to visit my aunt & uncle once when I was very young. I to became home sick and cried for my parents. My uncle called them and they came and got me. It was several years before I was invited back to stay. But I remember I never cried again when I was away from home.

I thought Saturday's were suppose to be quite and restful. Boy was I wrong. My Saturday was worse than some of my week days. At one point I thought about screaming, but then what good would it have done?

Prayer for each of you this day. Heavenly Father walk with each person and keep them safely in your embrace. Amen

Posted January 31, 2015 at 11:13PM CST
Comment by Raynard of newark, DE

Good Morning U.R Family. Thank you Jason for your devotional.Joining the military at age 19 for me it was my first time away from home and out of state.When I was younger ,my mom signed myself and two younger sisters up for a program which still exist today called The Fresh Air Fund. They take children from the inner city and place them with a family from the suburbs for two weeks. Sadly, I never got picked but my two sisters did and went for a few summers till they turned teens.Anyway I do every now and then experience homesickness when we travel out of state on our" Cannonball Runs" Jackie from San Antonio, this will not be "a Dr Phil Moment"but I had a moment yesterday.. My printer needs ink. I had to type a letter which makes"the Grinch that stole Christmas needs a heart bypass operation" I digress. I promise I wont siing that country&western song"all my x's live in Texas. Communion today then the Super Bowl later. Having a mini dinner party with wife and her aunt.. Now if I can only remember "what side of the table does the salad fork go on and what part of the fish does fish sticks come from I digress. Prayers going out to each and every spoken and unspoken request. Be blessed and encouraged everyone and have a great day.

Posted February 01, 2015 at 05:16AM CST
Comment by George of Virginia Beach, VA

Jason, thank you for the reading, it made me think of my wife in treatment right now and how in some ways she is still this child seeking the love and approval she never received growing up. Once again if anyone feels moved to write to her with words of encouragement her address is: Bethanne Benfield


JK, continued prayers for you and your daughter. Edd, praying for the family of Bob Simmons who passed on Friday. Don, praying for your friend Elaine who had surgery on her jaw, and thanks for your constant devotion to this site. Sarah, continued prayers for you and your family. Kenneth, praying for you and your battle with cancer. Patricia, praying for a positive outcome for your tests on Monday and to your daughters dealing with the landlord. Penny, praying for peace and forgiveness for you. Bob, belated happy birthday. Lu, praying for your grandaughter who lost the love of her life. Catherine, praying for you and your family as you continue to grieve. Henry, praying for you as you continue to seek employment. Julie, praying for a positive outcome to the test results for you and your mother. Jackie, praying you have a peaceful day today. Michael praying for Violet and her family, also praying for Keith and his family as he found out he has Kidney cancer and they last their mother recently. Praises for all needs met, and prayers for all needs spoken or unspoken. Have a blessed day.

Posted February 01, 2015 at 05:17AM CST
Comment by Judy of Yalaha, FL

George, it sounds like you are a little homesick even though you are home. This is hard on you too and know that you are in our prayers too.
A busy morning ahead, but a restful late afternoon. Be blessed by worship today.
 Psalm 28:8 The LORD is their strength,
And He is the saving refuge of His anointed. Save Your people,
And bless Your inheritance;
Shepherd them also,
And bear them up forever.

Posted February 01, 2015 at 05:28AM CST
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

Jason, thank you for this devotion, and for the walk down memory lane; about 55 years ago. Our Scout camp (Camp Lazarus; after the town's clothier, not the Bible character) was two weeks, and at the end of the first week was parents night. All the parents showed up with extra clothes, snacks, hugs and smiles, walking around with their sons the see what they had been doing. I kept expecting my mom to show, but no one never did. That was the most lonely and homesick I ever was. I think the third year, she came and, even though I had bugged her, I was pretty excited when I saw the car pull in. She didn't stay, but she did come and brought some sodas or something like that; I can't recall. It's a good thing I'm over it.

Posted February 01, 2015 at 05:36AM CST
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