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Dinosaur Bones

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

Read Joshua 4:1-9

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Those who feared the Lord talked with each other, and the Lord listened and heard. A scroll of remembrance was written in his presence concerning those who feared the Lord and honored his name.

- Malachi 3:16 (NIV)

We keep a little bowl of rocks on our front porch. These chunks of gravel and flint are nothing special. But to my young grandson, these rocks were dinosaur bones. And our yard was full of these treasures. So we leave the “dinosaur bones” on our porch to remind us of that special little boy with the vivid imagination.

Israel was told to take stones from the middle of the Jordan and set them on the banks of the river as a reminder of their safe passage across the river. Like the Israelites, we can find hope and comfort in remembering God’s watchful care when we face difficult circumstances.

As I remember God’s faithfulness, I know that God remembers me and writes my name in a special book of remembrance (Mal. 3:16).

The Author

Thomas Buice (Tennessee)

Thought for the Day

Today I will remember God’s mercy and faithfulness.


Thank you, Lord, for so many reminders of your love for us, as we pray,“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us today our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we also have forgiven our debtors. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one” (Matt. 6:9-13, NIV). Amen.

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Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Thomas, for your devotional this morning. I know that I should keep a written record of the specific blessings and answers to prayers that God has done in my life. Being of a more pessimistic and depressive disposition, it is easier for me to think of the negative and overlook all that He has done for me. I don’t want to be like that. And thank you for reminding me that the Lord has my name written down in His book! That’s a blessing right there!
WILLIS of Jackson, TN - I am praying for your stepson who was in a bicycle accident Sunday, breaking the bones in his hand and wrist, and had surgery yesterday. I pray that the surgery was successful, that the Lord will give him a quick recovery, and that all his bones will heal correctly.
GEORGE of Virginia Beach - I am praying for your son, Thomas, who was caught driving while under the influence of marijuana. I pray that this incident will be the wake-up call he needs to get help in getting completely off all drug/pot use. I pray that the Lord will be speaking to him through this, and he will turn to Him for deliverance.
CHERIE of Inverness, FL - I am praying for you and your husband, Ron. I pray that the Lord will bring Ron complete healing from the sepsis that put him in ICU this past weekend, along with healing from his other medical problems. I am praising the Lord that he was moved into a regular room yesterday! I am also praying that your landlady will be willing to let you stay where you are so you don’t have to move while your husband is so sick. I pray that the Lord gives you an abundance of wisdom and strength each day.
SHEILA of Bryantsville - I am praying for you especially this month as your retirement date comes up. I pray that the Lord will give you leading and guidance as to what and where He would like you serving Him. I pray that He will continue to provide for all of your needs. I’m also continuing to pray for your torn cornea. I pray that the Lord brings complete healing to you.
DORIS of Brownsville, PA - Thank you for sharing about you and your husband picking up Steve as he walked down the road going home to be with his elderly mother, taking him to your church picnic, and everyone helping to pay for a motel room for him. I pray that the Lord will watch over Steve, bringing him safely home. I pray that He will bring healing for the injuries he had from an earlier accident, and that he will call upon the Lord Jesus as Savior if he hasn’t already.
MERRY of Poteau, OK - I am praying for the young woman who you gave some money to for gas and the man she was with who were running a scam to get money. I pray that they will hear about the Lord Jesus, they will be convicted of their sins, and turn to Him as Savior.
RONNIE of Cortland, NY - Thank you for the info and website links!
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:10AM CDT
Comment by chris of Myerstown, PA

Elias, your point would be driven home, if people would be love, rather than giving out of love. Being love is as close to oneness with God,as breathing is to life. Pay it forward, gratitude, or faith expectations, are all steps in the right direction and should be applauded by the Christian, without judgement. Only God knows what the intention of each individual is. Jesus used an example of gratitude in the story about the woman who came to a religious leader's house because Jesus was there. Jesus said to the man: I came to your home and you gave me no water to wash my feet, this woman has washed my feet with her tears, and wiped them with her hair.... I believe the woman was the one accused of adultery, the point is that Jesus did not brush her off because she was only being grateful or out of gratitude for not being stoned to death. Yet Jesus didn't condemn the man, but gave him a parable.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 03:15AM CDT
Comment by monte of laughlintown, PA

 Thank you, Thomas. Reminders of the past and even great imaginations are blessings from God. Surely, I need to remind myself to be more selective in what things I keep. Yesterday, Carolyn and I were traveling to sign a lease (Praise God) and we passed two locations where they were building more storage units. That reminds me to focus on things that have more eternal value—God’s gracious blessings and our name in God’s eternal book. And some reminders of past experiences can be uplifting. I ran into two recently—a newspaper picture of a Vacation Bible School in 1997 that brought back memories of children and adults (many of whom have gone on ahead) and a plaque I received from the Connellsville High School wrestling team in 2003 proclaiming me as their #1 fan.
** Enough of the rambling comments! Prayers especially today for Cherie and Ron. Sometimes the journey seems uphill and relentlessly challenging. May you steadily find your way with the Spirit’s guidance. We praise God for the little victories along the way.
Praying for all who start school today and the rest of the students who return after a brief holiday. May we all remember God’s mercy and faithfulness.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 03:22AM CDT
Comment by chris of Myerstown, PA

Good morning Thomas, Sarah and Monte, thanks for the devotion today. As the thought for the day, we can best remember God's mercy and faithfulness, by being merciful and faithful to others. The stones were a monument or testimony of this, therefore let each of you be a testament to others.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:01AM CDT
Comment by Lydia of Cumming, GA

What a beautiful memory your grandson has left you. Moments like these can bring a smile to our face. Thank you, Thomas, for that beautiful devotional. God knows me by name and he loves me. May this awesome knowledge bring a smile to our face and peace in our heart. Have a blessed day in the Lord.
In Your presence there is comfort
In Your presence there is peace
When we seek to know Your heart
We will find such blessed assurance
In Your holy presence Lord
In the quiet of this hour
As I kneel before You now
I believe Your promise to be faithful
I don't always understand
What Your perfect will demands
But I've learned to trust You more
In Your presence Lord
There can be such sweet reward
When we wait upon the Lord
As we take the time
He gives His perfect wisdom
To be found in Him alone
All our deepest secrets known
We're surrounded by His grace
When we seek His face
by Melodie and Dick Tunney. 1988 BMG Songs, Inc.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:15AM CDT
Comment by JK

Good morning Thomas, Sarah, Chris and monte. Now to get back to the real schedule/reality. Praises for God's mercy and faithfulness Thomas and the reminders He provides for us if we only open our eyes and heart to see. Blessings to each of you in the cyber chapel. Praying for Cherie and Ron and all those in dire situations.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:17AM CDT
Comment by James of Fayetteville, GA

Thank you Thomas for sharing your testimony and this morning's devotional with us. God is good. Those who still have grandfathers who can remember the times in the young lives of their grandchildren are blessed. One can never value these musings to adults and young adults when those times are recalled by you to them. When life gets hectic, being reminded of simpler, carefree times can be comforting. Your grandson is blessed to have you. Keep him encouraged. May all of our UR family be blessed to recall the times in our lives when God intervened. Amen.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:27AM CDT
Comment by rachel

:) A memory my boys and I will always treasure. It is so neat that you still keep them. I never drew the analogy but it is a great one. (As usual). I am using this this morning as our devo at breakfast :)

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:43AM CDT
Comment by Kathy of Reading, PA

Good Morning UR family, thank you Thomas for your devotional this morning. What a wonderful memory. As a grandparent, I am so blessed to have had three years of time with my grandchildren. I miss them dearly. I am thankful that for three years, I was able to take them to Sunday School! God blesses us in so many ways. Sometimes we have to take a look back to see the blessing. It was a nice, long weekend that I hope everyone enjoyed. Cherie, I am praying for you and Ron. I pray that your needs will be met while his is in the hospital. My prayers today are for all spoken and unspoken needs. Have a great day to all.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:57AM CDT
Comment by Raynard of newark, DE

Good Morning U.R Family. Thank you Thomas for your devotional. I was told my grandmother had a few husbands, none who I would never meet. But my uncle did tell me about one of them his stepfather and how he walked away from the family. I am now a grandfather with grandkids between S.C, NC and Georgia.. Thank you everyone for your prayers. We just got back from NJ yesterday then my wife had to go to work..My wife had a talk with the now x tenant and gave her a time to vacate. She asked for a letter to take and get public assistance. I kept my word and got that done..We should further find out my wife's aunt condition today.Her uncle we visited yesterday before we left and brought his little dog so he could see her.. I gave him my word that I would protect him, his wife and take care of his home the best I could. Through God's strength and his spirit and his will, Whatever his plan and purpose concerning my aunt and uncle , I will humbly follow.. Prayers goin gout to each and every spoken and unspoken request. Be encouraged and blessed everyone and have a great day..

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:10AM CDT
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

Thomas, thank you for your devotion, and for reminding us to hold on to our special memories. Also, welcome back and thank you for the Blog this morning! We do have a few memorabilia from our children and grandchildren, but we seem to ensure we won't forget our special times in several very specific ways. Although we were not people of faith until our oldest child was midway through high school, we still always went to church, and each of our 4 children have a very strongly held community of faith. The ministries Carol and I have been called to have subsequently given the children a sense of personal example for 'Christ's Love and service'. We also have set times each year we are 'expected' to be together (not like a court order, but something we look forward to). My wife is a tireless photographer, and so are 3 of our children, so she has documentation; much of which is in some form of book. Last, but not least, for me personally in all the places I go and people I meet, God often meets me during the course of a service, or interaction with someone, and I write a draft Upper Room devotion. A few of them may be published, but more importantly, each of them is a special remembrance of a time when God joined me for a short time. Praise God!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:10AM CDT
Comment by Raynard of newark, DE

Oh before I forget, Chris from Myerstown, thank you for the advise and encouraged you gave me this past Saturday. My aunt's house has spotty wi'fi so I wasnt able to get a timely thank you in there...

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:11AM CDT
Comment by julie of Delray Beach, FL

Good morning urf
Thomas thnk you fo the dvotional. This passage reminds me that the Lord is always with me. Doubt and fear subside when I look around an see all the natural beauty on this earth.
Cheri Ron is in my prayers. Praying for all on the list spoken or not.Have a great day Ur family.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:20AM CDT
Comment by Dan of Summerfield, NC

Continued prayers for Martin. The last 3 times I've called him to say I was coming to bring hims to lunch and church, he chose not to join me, or didn't answer the door (his phone doesn't work, but he can hear me, though I can't hear him. I did hear from someone he was panhandling (he never mentioned it); if he is caught without a license, especially with an offense waiting trial, he will go to jail again and his life, as he knows it now with a place to stay and income will be over.
Prayers for Dewey again; he was the homeless guy with no income and issues with diabetes. His other foot is really bad, but he has reasons for not having it taken care of. I pray he will let me take him to the ER before he is looking at a major amputation.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:20AM CDT
Comment by Judy of Yalaha, FL

Thomas, a touching reminder, I'm ready for grandchildren. Today I start my 4/5 grade chorus. Another chance to touch young hearts. Gave our registrations last week and I think we have around 80 children and 60 chairs. It will thin out though when they find out it isn't just a party.
Prayers continue for Cherie and Ron for healing. Prayers for Kathy for a happy life. Raynard, one step done at least. Have a happy day.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:25AM CDT
Comment by Don of Ozark, MO

Good morning to you all, my friends. Thomas, welcome to the UR family. We thank you for your devotional contribution. In the midst of all of the turmoil in our world, it can be quite easy to forget what our Lord does for us. However, if we take the time to look around us, we can see that he cares for us. Many around here are finding their employment ending as the tourist destinations begin to close down and I pray for them that the Lord will provide a way for them to continue to have the necessities of food, clothing, and shelter. Praise God for the thunderstorms this morning which are bringing some badly needed rain to us and I pray that all of us come through these storms safely. I also pray that the Lord will bring us safely through the storms of violence, the manmade type, which are so prevalent all over the world. Sarah, keep your chin up, things will improve. I am sure that the Lord notices that you try to encourage others and also that you let us know about the needs of others so we can pray for them as well. Let us all be assured that the Lord will meet our needs in His time and may we not forget to thank Him for His blessings. Every one take care today. Praise the Lord!!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:30AM CDT
Comment by Stuart of Gulfport, MS

ALL have a blessed day

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:39AM CDT
Comment by Jimmie of Chester, VA

Thank you for your devotional, Thomas. I too will remember God's mercy and faithfulness today. I am praying that everyone will have a safe and happy Tuesday. I am so thankful to be alive to see it!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:49AM CDT
Comment by Lily of Palmyra, NJ

G'morning everyone! Thank you Thomas for today's devotional. My yard would be full of rocks in remembrance of all the good things Father God has done for me. Let's all be thankful for what/where God has brought us out of. ( today I start my new job, yeah!)♡

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:50AM CDT
Comment by Marsha of Brownwood, TX

Good morning URF!
I too am thankful to be alive to see the new day The Lord has given us!
Thinking of rocks, I read over some notes from a retreat I went on many years ago. We often carry too many rocks from the past in our lives that weigh us down. We need to just carry God's rocks and leave the others by the wayside.
Thank you for your prayers!
I am praying for you.
Have a blessed day!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 06:36AM CDT
Comment by kim of locust grove, OK

Thank You Father God for reminders of Your love. Thathe You for the time this past weekend that Jim and I were able to spend together. We continue to pray for Ron and Cherie. Keep them in Your care. We pray for the children. We pray for Martin and Dewey. Help us be Your servants this week. IJN. Amen.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 06:51AM CDT
Comment by Mike of Jamestown, KY

Just completed a week long trip well over a 1000 miles of travel to see our children and grand children in VA & NYC. We are so grateful to God for overseeing our travel and bringing us such joy with the kids and little ones. It was a most special time. Praying daily for all those here and especially those that are deeply troubled.... may you find God's Peace!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:19AM CDT
Comment by Sandra of Summerville, SC

Good morning UR family! Thank you for your devotional this morning. Oh how I remember all the blessings God has given me. There are so many, I can go on and on. He is an almighty God and I love and praise him!!! I am praying for all needs here today. I am asking for a special prayer for my friend Gloria, who is going through her next to last bout of chemo today. Please pray that she will feel less weak and not be afraid and depressed.
Blessings to everyone!!!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:33AM CDT
Comment by Joe

Monte - Great thought: 'Sometimes the journey seems uphill and relentlessly challenging. May you steadily find your way with the Spirit’s guidance.' Believe only a shepherd like you could come up with it.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:39AM CDT
Comment by Terry of Dublin, OH

Thanks Thomas for the message and reminder that we all need to look for those stone foundations which we can build solid spiritual lives. As Jesus told us, he is the cornerstone and rock by which we must build our lives to prevent us from getting washed away by the earthly floods that will come our way. Hope all had a safe Holiday weekend and welcome to the fall season. I pray for all in need this day as requested by prayer and for the prayer givers for added strength
Thanks again for the prayers for wisdom on my new business venture. I will know for sure in the next few weeks but all prayers are welcome and appreciated

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:43AM CDT
Comment by Joe

Thomas, yes, yes the Lord knows our name because he loves us so much. Isiah 4916: 'Behold, I have graven you on the palms of my hands; your walls are continually before me. '

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:53AM CDT
Comment by Lydia of Atlanta, GA

Good morning, everyone! Thank you Sarah for your faithful prayers and Lydia for your wonderful hymns. I found peace and comfort in today's selection. Peace and blessings to all today and always!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 07:56AM CDT
Comment by Janet of Johnstown, PA

Thank you, Thomas for your devotional. Since my mother died when I was young our grandmothers helped to raise us. I remember learning the Lord's prayer from reading an ornate version hanging in one of the bedrooms. Both grandmother's left me with faith that grew as I did.
Prayers for our daughter who is returning home to Phoenixville today. She was able to have some extra time off to spend with us. Most importantly we got to go to worship together as a family. She has 3 days left in her current position before she starts her new one on 9/8.
Blessings to all.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:01AM CDT
Comment by cherie of inverness, FL

Thank you, Thomas, for this sweet devotional. I am a rockhound from the Quachita Mountains and still carry rocks wherever I go. I always want to pick up a solid reminder of all our journeys, but I am having to leave some of my rocks here if we are able to continue our travels. That is all in God's hands.

I am letting go of a lot of baggage at this moment in my life. I want to clear out the old ways to spring forth into what Jesus has planned for my life. This is a hard lesson to learn when I have been the controlling one in Ron and my relationship. I know he found it easier that way, but I see how it weakened both of us.

Please keep us in your prayers and I have all of you in mine. Love and Light.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:02AM CDT
Comment by Edd of Ocala, FL

Good morning all hot and humid predicted today. Took the opportunity to get some real rest last night, up late because of it, but boy do I feel good. Praise the Lord!!! Thomas, thanks for the scripture and your devotional. One thing I took from the scripture is that the stones also taught us that we are responsible for keeping the history of Jesus by telling others why the stones are there, which may lead to other questions we may discuss with others and maybe they will be put in Jesus' book also. Praying for Cherie and Ron today as Ron gets better and may the Lord help them through all the trials and tribulation they are facing today. My wife and I are not that far away if either of you need to talk. I even play golf at Twisted Oaks occasionally. Praying all the UR Family has a day filled with the healing and love of Christ. God is Love!!! Edd of Ocala, FL.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:06AM CDT
Comment by Michele of Grove City, PA

Thomas, thank you for reminding us both of the faithfulness of our Lord and of the creativity and innocence of little children! I connect with the Biblical story of the twelve stones because I have always marveled at how one little item can have so many memories attached to it. I try not to be overcome by the love of "things," but sometimes it is difficult to throw some things away because they are important reminders of memories, actions, behaviors, etc. that we want to keep in our lives.

God bless!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:10AM CDT
Comment by CARMEN of Caguas, PR

Hugs and blessings to all, my dearest UR family. Keep marching ahead. Don't ever lose our Crowns.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:12AM CDT
Comment by Donna of San Marcos, TX

Good morning dear family in the Lord! Praising God today for a lovely day yesterday with my grandsons. I wish I could see my other two grandchildren more, but they live farther away. They, too, often find "treasures" and we keep them until we can't remember what they are. The Israelites used the stones to remind them to tell the story to their children, and I think this is a very important point. Children want to hear of their heritage and they love stories, especially those about real people. Our responsibility is to tell them about the "real" God. Praying for all concerns today!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:14AM CDT
Comment by Steve of Knoxville, TN

Good morning everyone! It is a beautiful morning here in East TN. Thomas, thank you for today's devotional and the reminder that God has our name's written down for ever more.
Prayer sent for all prayer requests.
I did want to touch on my comments on yesterday's devotional. I hope that no one thought that I was advising not to give to the homeless. Please give all that you can, just give to homeless charities. Our church has a huge homeless ministry. When it comes to individuals asking for help, offer to buy them something to eat or pay the attendant at the gas station for fuel rather than giving them the cash, That is the only way to help the individual and to keep the scammers somewhat at bay.
Everyone have a blessed and safe day.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:27AM CDT
Comment by Linda of West Point, VA

Good morning on the beautiful day that God has provided. Thomas thank you for today's devotion and your blog. I think we all remembrances of God's care and love for us. I often think how lost and alone I'd be without Him in my life. Cherie, continued prayers for you and Ron. Prayers for all needs spoken and unspoken. "ASK"

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:30AM CDT
Comment by Jayne of Maury City, TN

Good morning UR family! Thanking and praising God for all blessings, past, present, and future!
Thomas, great devotional! Sure brought a smile to my face, I to have a container of rocks that were picked up by my granddaughter, Mandi-Kate, I display them with pride. She could see beauty in even the ugliest of rocks, just as God sees the beauty in each of us, even when we are at our worst.
Praying for each name listed and those on our hearts. Praying for a safe and blessed day for everyone!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 08:33AM CDT
Comment by Willis of Jackson, TN

Good Morning UR Family: THOMAS--thanks for the devotional, we all need reminders of GOD and HIS power and Love. Surgery went well for TY yesterday, now the long recovery begins, may be as long as 6 months. Hopefully he will recover the use of his right hand. Asking for further prayers for him and his family as there seems to be some marital problems that were brought to the forefront as a result of his bike accident. My knee is healing fine, Praise GOD. Praying for all that transit this loving site.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 09:17AM CDT
Comment by Bob of Elgin, IL

Rocks/Remembrances are two important parts of many peoples' lives. It's always amazing to see how rocks (large AND small) simply fascinate very young children. And in biblical times as well as in more recent periods, rocks are identified with vital experiences in our history.
It seems to be (understandably) a major part of biblical stories: Remember! Jesus and the Last Supper, Joshua in crossing the Jordan, the Passover. They give us remarkable ways of understanding God's presence and revelations in our lives. Thomas, I appreciate your devotional which brings all this to our minds and emotions today!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 09:19AM CDT
Comment by Bob of Salem, MI

Good Morning UR Family,
Thomas I have one of those special grandchildren with the vivid imagination and I see lot of spots where that imagination played out in my yard. He is off to another year of learning in 4th grade. My daughter just posted the first day of school picture on Facebook. It prompted reflections of that little boy through the years. Great times turning to great memories. I can only hope that God sees my life as great times working in His name and my name is written in His book with great and positive memories that allows me to be in Heaven with Him and God saying, "Well done good and faithful servant."
Prayers for all needs shared and Praises for all Blessings received. GLYASDI

Posted September 02, 2014 at 09:23AM CDT
Comment by Elias of La Palma, CA

Thomas Buice: Thank you for your devotional today. Every once in awhile something will take me back in time which causes me to remember how God has been Faithful to me even when I wasn't necessarily being Faithful to Him, and I thank Him for it. Sometimes I see moments in the past from a different perspective than when I went through it, and I realize how God was acting on my behalf to Faithfully see me through.
Our Love, and appreciation for God's Love, is but a mere spark compared to how God Loves us, but enough of a spark to bring others to Christ! Praise God for His wonderful Plan of Salvation!
Chris of Myerstown: Thanks for your enlightenment this morning. Your point is well taken! Thank you, Brother. May God give you the desires of your heart!
CP of Texas: Thank you for your comment to me yesterday. I think part of our disagreement may have to do with our definition of LOVE. 1 John 4:7-8, tells us that, "...Everyone who loves has been born of God. Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love." This means that the atheist cannot Love as God loves. Also, when we Love as God Loves, then our focus is not on self-satisfaction, but on the one we are giving to.
My point about Love's maturity can be seen when we analyze the difference between a child's love for his/her Mother as compared to the Mother's Love for her child. A child's ability to Love is no where close to what a Loving mother has shown.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:01PM CDT
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

 "Whoever has ears, let them hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it." Rev 2:17 NIV I can hardly wait to receive my white stone!
Thomas, thank you for todays words of encouragement...reminding us of Joshua's leading across the Jordan and the victory on the other side, monumented by stones stacked to represent the 12 tribes if Israel. There is victory on the other side of what ever trials we may be going through.
I'm down to 21 work days left at the Post Office... it's both scary and exciting... ending what I've known for the past 27 years, beginning what ever it is God has in store for me to do next... I know it may not be easy, but He uses everything in our lives to help us grow spiritually and emotionally, ... and to further His Kingdom... when we are willing to be used by Him. (lately I've been growing physically too....LOL....I need to eat less and get back to exercising.... I digress!)
We are a blessed people to have things such as scriptures, monuments, memory to help us remember what has occurred before so we know what God can do in our future..
We are a blessed people to have a relationship with The God Who is my Rock, Yahweh Tsuri.
We are a blessed people to have others, such as our URF to be 'the pebbles' in our lives, helping us remember how God has helped each of us individually and helped us help each other.
hmmm... I thought I posted this this morning, but I see I didn't... too big a hurry... it's my Monday! LOL
Cyber hugs to all who enter here. Never forget you are loved...with an EVERLASTING love.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:02PM CDT
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

cherie of inverness, FL, I love to see the growing process of 'baby Christians" you keep it up girl! Proud of the strides you've made... am continuing in prayer and praise for God's will in both or your lives...

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:09PM CDT
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

Willis of Jackson, TN, praising God for the successful surgery, and NOW begins the praise for the healing that will occur faster than 6 months! Make is so... Papa! IJNA

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:15PM CDT
Comment by Sheila of Bryantsville, KY

Bob of Elgin, IL, I guess that must mean I've never completely grown up, because like Cherie, I love to collect rocks... LOL

Posted September 02, 2014 at 12:17PM CDT
Comment by Karin

Posted September 02, 2014 at 03:19PM CDT
Comment by Henry of Alexandria, VA

Thanks to Thomas and so many others for the devotional, scripture and terrific comments on the importance of secular and spiritual symbols that remind us of God's love and our faith and more. Since I've been to Israel and Jordan and was baptized in the Jordan this devotional really rang as especially significant to me, and also because I just have strong feelings about the importance of symbolism and how it can help keep us on our spiritual paths when satan works so hard to get us on other paths. So many thoughts came to mind and I will not spend too much time sharing them since it is late in the day and probably not many will see my comments anyway -- maybe I will repost them in the AM :-). Thoughts of the symbols of the stones in Israel, the symbols God asks to be put on doors to acknowledge our faith, the symbols of rocks on tombstones I see so often in Arlington and other cemeteries, symbols we wear and put in our homes cars -- the cross of course -- and so much more -- I know others probably had similar thoughts too! Lord, thank you for helping us use symbols of all kinds to remind us of you and keep us strong and faithful, IJN! Joining all in prayers today for all children teachers and all involved in education as the new school year begins, Cherie Dan and families, Dan Martin Dewey and your ministries, Lily PTL!, Sandra and Gloria, Terry, Janet daughter and families, Sheila, Raynard and your families and many challenges, me and others still seeking employment or better employment (Lord order our steps with your anointing and inspire energize and embolden us to walk those steps, IJN!), for all those in life's storms of all kinds Iraq and ISIS Israel Palestine Ukraine heat storms floods fires US southern border and more, those with health relationship and grieving issues, those serving God and country, Cindy Lee Jer and families, Kathy Corey and families, Sarah, our UR supporters and all in the family, and for all other spoken and unspoken praises and requests. God is able and is indeed love. Grace, peace and blessings.

Posted September 02, 2014 at 04:57PM CDT
Comment by cherie of inverness, FL

Edd, thank you for the offer. Here is my email address. Please drop me a email anytime. I look forward to reading your comments each day. When I first found the UR chapel your comments were the first I would read since you were so close by. God Bless!!!

Posted September 02, 2014 at 05:31PM CDT
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