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Third Time Around

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Read Psalm 31:1-5

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God is faithful; by him you were called into the fellowship of his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

- 1 Corinthians 1:9 (NRSV)

Eleven years ago when my mother-in-law had breast- cancer surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, she declared after all the treatments were complete, “Now I know that God is able.” She had turned each fear and worry over to God and discovered God’s strength to be sufficient for her.

When her cancer returned, she told us, “Yes, I know God is faithful.” Our family marveled at how God’s Spirit moved within her to bring her healing again. She has lived a long life of faith, but her witness to God’s faithfulness intensified as she shared it with doctors, nurses, and families of other oncology patients. Now my mother-in-law is undergoing treatments for her third round of breast cancer. Her serious situation breaks my heart.

Yet, in spite of the suffering and pain — and all the emotions that go with these difficulties — our family has witnessed firsthand God’s power and faithfulness. With renewed hope I find myself asking, “What will we discover about God this third time around?” Simply asking that question brings comfort. Indeed God is with us.

The Author

Michelle Knight (Indiana, USA)

Thought for the Day

God is present in surprising ways.


We thank you, dear God, because you make yourself known to us in joy and sorrow. Give us courage to trust in your presence with us during all circumstances. Amen.

Prayer focusCancer patients and their families

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Comment by Sarah of Berwyn, IL

Good morning, everyone! Thank you, Michelle, for your devotional this morning. I am praying that the Lord will bring your mother complete healing from the cancer, and that the treatments she is undergoing will be effective. I have also found God to be, indeed, able, and that His strength sufficient in my own difficulties, as I am enduring long term unemployment and severe financial difficulties. When these problems first came, I was completely panicking and filled with worry. Though I still have moments of panic and worry, they are less often, as I am learning to trust in His faithfulness. I like your hopeful attitude in asking “What will we learn about God this time around?” That brings me comfort, also.
JK - I am praying for Kenneth as he starts graduate school in another state. I pray that the Lord will lead and direct him, and show him what His will is for his life. I pray that he will do well in his studies this term and be a success. I am also in prayer for your nephew as he goes through a difficult and unwanted divorce. I pray that the Lord will uphold him and his children during this difficult time, and give them all an extra measure of peace and comfort. * DAN - I pray that all went well yesterday with your Bible study in the prison. I pray that the Holy Spirit is moving in the hearts and lives of those men, and that He will use them in a special way while there.
PATRICIA of Laurelton, NY - I am praying for your nephew, Osei and his new wife, who were married yesterday. I pray that the Lord will bless their union, and that they will make Him a third member in their marriage. I pray they have wisdom, understanding and a deep love for each other. * EDD of Ocala, FL - I am praying for your son-in-law, Mike, as he had surgery to remove part of his intestine and colon, and found he has Crohn’s disease. I pray that the Lord brings him healing and a complete recovery from the surgery, and that the Crohn’s will be manageable, with no flare-ups or pain.
CHERIE of Inverness, FL - I am praying for your husband, Ron, that the Lord will bring him complete healing from the fever he has developed, and from all his other medical concerns. I pray that he will be willing to see a doctor before you set off for Alabama so he doesn’t get worse while on the road. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom regarding this, and that He will uphold you both and give you peace. I also pray that He will bring you healing for your back and relief from the pain caused by the packing you are doing on your own. * MARSHA of Brownwood, TX - I am praying that the Lord will bless your time together with your grandson, Zakk, today and tomorrow. I pray for good weather for you, so you can have some fun outdoors together.
RAYNARD - I am lifting in prayer your wife’s aunt, who was brought to the ER Friday evening with symptoms of a possible stroke. I pray that the Lord brings her complete healing, and that it might not have been a stroke. If it was, I pray that she will have a complete recovery with no lingering effects. I am also praying that the troublesome tenant will be willing to leave without any sort of confrontation. I pray that the Lord will give you wisdom to know the best way to handle this whole situation, and that she will be willing to move out without any added pressure. * JULIE of Delray Beach, FL - I am praying for you, that the Lord will bring you healing from the sore throat and earache you picked up from school. I pray that He will bring you healing and relief from all pain before you have to head back to school. I’m continuing to pray for your son, Jon, that the Lord will lead him to a better job than the police dispatcher job he tried for. I pray that he finds one that is best suited to his abilities, and one he will really enjoy.
KIM of Locust Grove - I pray that you will get good news back on Wednesday from the doctor with the breast biopsy you had. I pray that all is well, and it is nothing serious, and the Lord brings you complete healing from any illness, and gives you peace. * SHEILA of Bryantsville - I am praying for the family of the young man, Frank, who was hit and killed by a train Friday evening, and is the father of your friend, Cindy’s grandchild. I pray that the Lord will hold up both Cindy’s and Frank’s family during this difficult time. I pray that He will pour out His love, peace and comfort, and bring about some good from this tragedy.
Have a blessed day, everyone!

Posted August 31, 2014 at 12:12AM CDT
Comment by Georgine

Good morning everyone. Michelle thank you for your meditation this morning. I pray your mother-in-law will be completely healed of her breast cancer and if not, either way she and your family will know God's presence with them.
Georgine, Arqua Petrarca, Italy

Posted August 31, 2014 at 02:50AM CDT
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